Friday, May 4, 2012

Student of the Month

As many of my readers already know this is Jeremy's first year in school full time. I home schooled him up until this past September. Well today he was recognized as Student of the Month for his class! We are beyond proud of him! He has worked really hard even on days he really wanted to be at home. He misses school for doctor's appointments a lot but still loves to go back to school with a smile on his face. Today just reinforced that I made the right decision last year in deciding to let him start school. It was such a hard choice but he is truly blossoming into a wonderful young man. He was surprised today when he saw me in their gym. We had not told him he was Student of the Month so he could stay focused. Sheer joy & happiness covered his little face as they announced his name. What a moment! I so wish his dad could have been there. I know he will continue to do well & hope his dad will get to witness him receiving another award in his future. Words can't describe how I felt as he hugged me & said " Mom this is the first time I ever won a medal ever!". Tears almost fell- he is a very special young man.

Realizing HE was Student of the Month for his class

He is proof that God puts some of the greatest things in small packages <3 Love him so much !

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