Monday, May 28, 2012

191+ Miles Pledged

WE DID IT!! I woke up at 5AM jumped out of my bed & said a silent pray that God had not sent the rain. It was windy, cold & cloudy bit NO RAIN!! I had my cup of coffee & could hardly sit still until 6 when I needed to wake up the boys. Hunter & Jacob where helping me out today at our wear blue:run to remember event in town. We got out the door on time & headed to the Yelm / Tenino trailhead to set up. Of course with this being the first year I've hosted we had several little issues along the way. But we learned how to post the placards for next year so that the wind should it be here again not blow them away! As frustrated as I was at set up it all evaporated as more people showed up. I was worried the weather would keep them away but I was praying they would hold to their pledges. Only 5 where no shows- But two of those sent me private messages explaining they where still running just not at 8:30AM.

We read the names that had been turned in of our fallen, at times with tears running down my face. But I made it through the list & we snapped our group photo . Then we where off!! Here are some of the pictures from my  morning. I had so much fun running & sometimes walking. I really had no idea how exhausted I was until I got home to sit down. I ran my 4 miles pledged then ran & walked another 2.5 just so I could visit with some of the runners on their journey. It was so nice to see the laughter & hear the stories of why they came. The thanks people gave was not needed. Today was nothing I wouldn't do again in a heartbeat. It finally made me feel like we where a living, breathing, Memorial to those in our past who made it possible for me & my family to have a future.

Our Gold Star family with some friends

At the end we where mostly all still smiles. Happy in the knowledge that we didn't forget those who where gone. Some like me accomplished a goal of running further then I ever had- now I have super sore muscles to prove it. It is something we will do again in the future. The sun shined down at just the right moments.

"Greater love hath no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends"  John 15:13

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