Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bowling Birthday

Today we got up super excited to head to the bowling alley on post for Jacob's birthday party. His actual birthday isn't until Monday but we celebrated a few days early . Jacob picked bowling on post because his dad is working weekends at the moment to get ready for the deployment. We figured maybe Paul would be able to come over during his lunch time for a quick birthday celebration. Jacob loves soccer so he requested a soccer ball be on top of his cake. I had never done a soccer ball at all so I was nervous. we agreed if it looked weird we could turn it into a bowling ball. Luckily it turned out pretty good. The writing is awful because I haven't done much script on cakes.But it still tasted delicious! 

We enjoyed a fun afternoon of bowling, pizza & cake with friends. Jacob said he had a great time! Then we where invited over to sit out in the sun & let the kids play while the adults visited with a good friends family. We headed straight over after the party where the kids played hide & seek the extreme version for almost two hours! The adults helped pick out the hiding spots & enjoyed lounging in the sun while catching up. It was exactly the relaxing afternoon I have needed. I feel so stress free for the first time in weeks. I was also so happy to get to catchup with my two friends who I feel like I never have time to see anymore.They are moving to a new post this summer & I'll be so sad to see them go. I think we may try to visit them over Spring Break as they will just  be in California. We will have to wait to see what we are into when it rolls around.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their Saturday & has a great rest of the weekend. Tomorrow we are excited to celebrate a good friends graduation from High School, so I hope the nice weather sticks around.

Happy 9th Birthday Jacob

So happy dad could show up for a little while

                                         My baby is getting so big

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Looks like he is holding a watermelon.