Friday, June 10, 2011

WOW- it's a Calgon day!

I wasn't going to post today but WHAT A DAY!! Got up at 5:15AM poured my coffee & the crazy ensued from there. I thought we where right on time with five minutes to spare for Jeremy's pre-op , nope I had it written down as 9:30 they had it in the computer as 9:05,uggg. Luckily they know us & asked if we could wait a few minutes they could squeeze us in, so we did. We had already ran by the Madigan pharmacy to grab a number as they are so slow in there I knew we would be lucky if they where anywhere near our number when we where done at pre-op. I was right as usual- we got down to the pharmacy thirty-five minutes after we had taken a number & still waited for fifty five more minutes to get called. Thank goodness they had a Disney movie on & Jeremy was cooperating. We get up to the counter & are told our neurologist has not put in his prescription??? WHAT say again, she never forgets??? They tell me I need to go back to the neurology clinic to get her to put the prescription in the computer & come back, UGGGG!! was NOT what I was saying in my head after already waiting almost an hour!

Jeremy goes along very nicely thank goodness back to neurology. There we are told our doctor has gone for the day & the only other doctor who can write the prescription is in a conference . I very nicely tell the gentlemen I have another appointment with anesthesia at 1PM, please have the prescription in the computer somehow by 3PM so I can get my son's medicine. I think he could see in my eyes that it was taking everything I had at that point not to jump over the counter & throttle him!! He took my cell number & said he would call as soon as he could with an answer. At that point it was only 11AM! Remember I had been up since 5:15AM, I was DONE!!! But I couldn't go yet. So I take Jeremy to get pizza & a root-beer as a bribe to remain calm as we head to the surgical services clinic. We are told there is a wait of two hours if we want to go run errands it would be a good idea- SERIOUSLY losing it at this point!I very quickly grab Jeremy's hand & head to the PX. Enough of this hospital at this point.

I let him look at toys & we pick out birthday party plates for Jacob's party tomorrow. We just try to relax for about forty-five minutes then head back to the car & Madigan. Luckily we get there & I get a call saying his prescription is in the computer and they gave us a fast pass for the pharmacy-hallelujah! We wait with a very strange man talking about Dr. Seuss for another hour before a nurse who recognizes us pushes Jeremy through the process. I think God knew I was done & needed a break.  Six long hours later Jeremy & I headed home.We have to go back on Monday for his laser surgery & eye exam under anesthesia . I am going to pray like crazy it goes smoothly. Not sure I can handle anymore stress at this point in my life. I am not complaining about our medical because I am so grateful to receive all the care we do for our family & Jeremy especially. But sometimes I do need to vent about it- so thank you for letting me.

Now to get ready to bake a birthday cake, pizza, movies & maybe pour a glass of wine to relax for the evening. Tomorrow is a Bowling Birthday party for Jacob & I want to enjoy the day.If I had any Calgon I would love a bubble bath as well, but I'll settle for a hot bath later instead.

** Edit**After this post while looking through the mail I found a postcard from Jacob's school. He has been chosen student of the month for June! He got picked for showing exceptional kindness to another student with out anyone asking him to help out. So all the stress floated away for a moment as I celebrated his accomplishment. It's been a rough couple of years in school for him behavior wise- so this is a HUGE deal!! Such a proud mom.


Blogging at Tiffany's said...

Jeremy seems to ALWAYS be headed into surgery. Poor guy! I can only imagine how stressful and scary that is for him. What kind of surgery does he have? You may have already explained this and I just missed it - if you have, just steer me to the post!

Amanda said...

Tiffany on Monday he is having a Laser surgery for his Port wine Stain or Birth Mark. Here is the post that tells his whole history if your interested:

he has them about every 12 weeks as well as his pressure checked in his right eye due to his Glaucoma. He is pretty use to it - I think it stresses me out more then him.