Monday, June 13, 2011

Birthdays & Birthmarks

Happy Birthday to my baby boy Jacob. I can hardly believe nine years ago today you where born. It really does seem just like yesterday we where bringing you home from Madigan & you where the smallest of the four boys we had been blessed with. They delivered you a week early because I had been contracting for quite some time & they thought you would be as big as your brothers. Boy where we surprised when this little peanut came into the world at 11:15PM on June 13, 2002. I remember asking the doctors if something was wrong because you where only 7llbs 2 OZ. They laughed & said this is what a "normal' size right on time baby looks like- WOW!! You where so cute & looked just like your older brothers. Daddy could hardly wait to hold you & I could hardly wait to finally eat! I am so happy God decided we needed one more little boy to complete our family. To be Jeremy's protector,fishing buddy,& best friend. You amaze us everyday with your zealous love for life & anything challenging! You sure don't let anyone tell you "You can't do that your to small!". Watch out- because you prove them wrong everytime! We love you & we hope God sees fit to let us celebrate many more years of your life together.

 First picture with Daddy
June 13, 2002

First day at home in Lacey, WA

  Nine years later enjoying a cookout at the lake.
June 12, 2011

Thank you for being so understanding that we have to take Jeremy into Madigan today for a Laser surgery & eye exam under anesthesia. As you said " mom we already had my party so it's ok as long as you still cook my  chicken for dinner." It made me realize what a wonder,kind, caring little boy you are turning into.

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