Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Time Means Cookouts

Our group of friends we spend most of our summer days with finally was able to do our first cookout last night on Father's Day. Normally by now we would have already had a few cookouts but this summer has been rainy & dreary in WA. The weather has definitely gone along with our moods over the past few weeks. Most of the time summer doesn't even warm up or start in WA until July. But we start bon-fires & cookout around Memorial Day just like the rest of America except this year. 

We where excited to head on over to Sam's new place yesterday to have our first cookout. It was also a little bitter sweet as we had to do the Army thing & say  "see you later" to a family who we have spent the last three summers with. Another family that has three boys whom two of my boys are close friends with theirs. It was fun to eat the brauts, paint some stemless wine glasses, & just goof off until it was time for it to end. I did fine hugging the mom goodbye it wasn't until her youngest who is best friends with my youngest decided to bear hug my legs.

I wasn't going to hug any of the kids because I didn't want them to see me tear up which happens frequently these days. But as I am walking out the door the little red head that has become so close to my Jacob wasn't having any of my quick goodbye. I told him to have a fun safe trip & the next thing I know he is wrapped around me squeezing away. He only reaches my waist but he hugged me tight & said "goodbye I'll miss you guys.". My heart melted & I squeezed him back then had to walk away fast.

I think this is really the first Army move a friend has made that all my boys understand  their friends are leaving. It has been very hard on my oldest & my youngest. They both played with two of our friends children daily every summer & a lot during the school year. Our older boys even share the same birthdate & have celebrated together. We explained that since their dad is Army they could very well end up right back here after they finish the school their dad has for the next year & a half. But it was little comfort for my youngest. Most days I am grateful that the Army provides for my family & we are blessed to have a steady income. But on days we have to say " see you later" it always STINKS!! This is just the first move to happen in my world . Before my summer is over I have to say goodbye to two more families who are like family- those "see you later's" are going to be heart breaking as well. For now I will enjoy the time we have left & I look forward to more fun cookout's through out the summer.

 One last picture to remember all the fun over the past few years we all had together.

I snapped one last picture of the older boys all hanging out down at the park.

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