Friday, June 17, 2011

Are You Really Happy for Me?

I was talking with a friend on the phone yesterday another Army Wife who ROCKS! We where discussing her husband's new orders & where they are PCS'ing too shortly. I told her how excited & happy I was that he would be non-deployable for a few years. They could finally have some down time & start their family. Baby making had been put on hold due to multiple deployments so now was their chance! We joked around about how they had "lucked" out on their duty station. I also said I wish it was us.....ooppss did that really come out of my mouth?? Why, yes, yes it did. I would be totally lying to her & myself if I didn't admit I was a tiny bit jealous. I would love for our family to have down time for a couple years even if it meant moving. It doesn't hurt they are moving someplace super sunny year round. But just because I am admitting I wish we could get that assignment doesn't mean I am not happy for her.

I really know that uprooting my children after being here in WA for almost ten years is not a good idea. But when weighed against an opportunity to have their dad & my husband home for a few years it is very tempting. I am not wallowing or feeling sorry for myself. I love that my children have had a more stable life then most military kids due to all of Jeremy's medical needs. This has been both a blessing & a curse. We have watched a lot of good friends move away . But we have also been right here when they sometimes get to come back! I really think that being happy & jealous all at the same time goes with the territory of being a Military spouse. I think it is how you deal with those feelings & your outlook on your own situation that determines how well you can handle it all. I am choosing to help plan going away parties, special day trips to our favorite restaurants,& setting up our SKYPE so we can enjoy our time left together. Then we can stay in touch when they move away & we stay behind.

So if your feeling a little blue because your friends are moving & June is the Army time of the year to plan moves. Just remember there are a lot of little things you can do to keep that friendship growing even when your miles apart.I've learned that friendship can grow & thrive even over the longest of distances. Here are a few of my favorite things to do when my dearest friends move away.

1. Buy an assortment of greeting cards & have them on hand. That way if you talk to your friend you always have a card ready to mail that may fit any conversation you all had over the phone/computer. Who doesn't love getting the unexpected card in the mail!

2. SKYPE- this is newer but just as fun! I can sit in my living room watching my favorite TV shows at the same time as my friend- we can discuss why Dr. McDreamy left Meredith?? What was he thinking?

3. Take a Road Trip! If they only moved a couple states away plan a fun road trip to see each other. While my soldier is gone I plan on doing just that with the kids. He is not excited about long car trips- I could care less- so it's a perfect way to give us something to look forward to doing. Plus you introduce your kids to a lot of new experiences.

4. Girls Only trip- YEP you can also take one of these to a fun destination. If you can get a babysitter if you have children then YAY!! Maybe you only have fur babies- get their shots up to date & find a good kennel. I am planning one of these trips as well if it works out I'll let you know.

5. Facebook- leave fun little WALL posts to cheer each along in your new paths in life. I love waking up to posts on my FB wall that are from a friend. It's all good & fine to leave a "like" or "comment" under their posts- but taking the time to actually leave a post is WAY BETTER!! It let's them know you where thinking of them & took the time to tell them.

These are just a few of my favorite things to do to stay in touch. I am open to any & all suggestions from other lovely BLOGGERS & Military Spouses. As far as I am concerned you can never have enough fun easy ideas to let your friends know you care.

"Good friends are like stars, you don't always see them, but you know they're always there."

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