Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Means Tune Time

I love Thursday's link up with Amber from Goodnight Moon so that is why I am blogging away on my old hunk of junk PC. My laptop decided to get a nasty virus earlier this week, so I have been sidelined from blogging until my computer guy get's home from vacation  :0/ I wasn't sure what song I wanted to let you all enjoy this week until I popped in my Saving Jane CD while driving home from the gym on Wednesday. I heard a favorite called Butterflies & it just sums up how I feel about my husband. With him leaving anytime now for another deployment I proceeded to sing along in a very loud off key voice a couple times. I am pretty sure my kids where thankful not to be in our van with me-haha. Because when I came home I immediately jumped on Youtube to locate a video for today's link-up. So with out further ado, I hope you too enjoy Butterflies by Saving Jane.

Now you head on over & link up with Amber or just enjoy some good music at Goodnight Moon .

I love this man, he still gives me Butterflies after 17 years.


Unknown said...

AWW!! I've never hear that song before!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

Jane said...

Aww what a great love song!

Anonymous said...

I love Saving Jane!