Monday, June 27, 2011

Still waiting....and waiting some more

We had a super relaxing fun filled weekend with the family & good friends. We honestly spent it like it was the last weekend my soldier would be home. We are still waiting on an exact time & date which I know is never exact until they drive away on those awful blue buses. I feel like I am stuck in a horrible limbo or twilight zone. We laugh,watch movies,play with the kids, & then BAM! My bi-polar self starts crying & even yelling on occasions at my poor husband. The poor man has know idea whether to hug me, yell at me, or just walk away.I at least recognize the symptoms this time of me trying to separate from him ahead of time so it might hurt less when he actually leaves . But it is not how he nor I envisioned spending our last few days with him at home. So I will try to pull it together & live as "normally" as possible until he comes home with the dreaded "it's time,here we go". Then I'm sorry all bets are off & I could be Medusa for awhile. Thank goodness my four boys get to fly to their Ommie & Pawpaw's home next week for three weeks of non-stop fun! At least by the time I see them again I will be over the crying every other minute stage & ready to make some fun memories to share with my husband via SKYPE. 

All the last minute packing probably didn't help with the sudden out-bursts of emotions...

  Even poor Heidi is depressed, she knows what it means when all the bags come back out.

Only Jacob laughed & tried to get his daddy to pack him to take to Afghanistan with him.

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