Friday, June 24, 2011

Gabe a Real American Hero Dog

Gabe is a Retired Canine Military Working Dog who is living out his golden years with his old handler Chuck. Gabe served several tours in Iraq & is a highly decorated dog. He has been nominated in the American Humane Association Hero Dogs competition. I am helping his owner out as he was a good soldier who worked with my husband & also babysat for our family years ago. We have kept in touch with the help of Facebook. We learned of Gabe's chances to WIN if he gets more votes. Please take the time to go VOTE under MILITARY WORKING DOGS for GABE the big lovable yellow Lab! 

If you want to read some more about GABE here is your chance:Gabe & Chuck What a TEAM

 This is just one of many stories about Gabe- a True American Hero. Please go read his story pass it along & VOTE!!  Thanks so much!

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