Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bar-b-Ques & Memories

Over the past weekend on Saturday we planned our first & last lake day with my whole family of the summer. In Washington summer doesn't really start until July when it finally warms up. But being as I am from the south it officially started this weekend for me & my family. We planned awhile back to combine my second son's birthday with a cookout for my husband. Both had me invite their close friends to enjoy a delicious day of food cooked by a good friend & fishing on our lake. The weather on Friday had me more then a little worried that we where going to be soaking wet all day Saturday. Thank goodness for answered prayers! It was a little overcast & cool but no rain in sight!

 We kicked off around noon & before the after noon was over had about thirty people kids including running around having fun. It was a great time to relax after a long stressful week. We ate smoked ribeye & hamburgers . The kids took turns going out on the boat & fishing from the shore. A few fish where caught ,cooked & deemed not very tasty. I know it is a day that Paul can look back on in a few months when he is deployed & remember with happiness. A day that my boys can remember as a fun time spent with their dad before he deploys for a year. It was all about family, friends, & creating new memories for him to take with him on his deployment. I couldn't think of a better way to spend our Saturday.

My husband getting some of the boys out in the boat

Jacob with his first Trout of summer

Our chef Jerry did an amazing job

Sunday we headed out to Jerry & his wife Tiffany's home for another cookout. We had some amazing pulled pork sandwiches to eat while sitting at a bon-fire . It was another great evening spent with good friends filled with laughter. Jerry had worked really hard on a special shadow box filled with two Flies he tyed for Paul. They both have some significant meaning but for the life of me I can't remember all the details they both told me. I just know Paul loved his gift!

Monday we woke up relaxed & ready to honor our fallen in remembrance.I talked with the boys all about Memorial Day again & why we have it off from school or work. We watched a few shows on the History Channel that went along with Memorial Day. Then as I drove to the airport to pick up a friend I made a stop on Fort Lewis at the 4th Brigade "Raiders" memorial garden. The wall holds names that are dear & near to my heart. I wanted to stop & take a moment to remember our Fallen friends. I snapped a quick picture as a few flowers had been laid out for the day. It was the best choice I made all day to stop & remember.

Each name of the 16 Heroes that we lost during our deployment from 2007/08 is engraved on the marble wall. It brought a lump to my throat as I walked up & the first name I noticed was Coop's. I remembered how he made me laugh everytime I was lucky enough to be around him. I touched his engraved name & remembered. I think that is all he & their families ask of us each day, to not forget the sacrifice. I truly hope that my sons will always know the true meaning of Memorial day & choose to Honor our Fallen on their special day.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, and it sounds like amazing memories you have to hold on to now. :) LOVE!

Unknown said...

It looks like you all had a great weekend! I'm glad you are able to spend quality time as a family before the impending deployment.