Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brotherly Love....NOT

Not a lot going on this week to post about so I haven't done much blogging. This video clip was sent to me on Mother's Day & it made me laugh so hard! I can totally seeing this take place in a few years in my home. I know the boys "love" eachother, but some days it's hard to tell. But when it comes to taking pictures, making cards, showing me they love me - they always try. That is way with out further ado, I share the following video. That all you moms out their can truly appreciate the effort your children make to show "brotherly love"-HAHA!!

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Gaile said...

AWESOME! My 11 year old is watching this with me and BUSTING UP because this is totally him with his 16 year old brother. Thus their blog nicknames, "Bonehead" and "Knucklehead"! LOL Thanks for linking up!