Saturday, May 28, 2011

The History Behind Memorial Day

As I sit here awake way to early on a Saturday morning I am reflecting & reading through little tid-bits on the internet about the history behind Memorial Day. It hasn't always been a huge deal in my life & for that I realize I should be ashamed.When we where young it was never fully explained to me as we didn't live in or around a military town. It was all about the beginning of summer & school being out! I wish I had someone who told me that one day I would marry a soldier & learn the true meaning of Memorial Day. How by walking up to anyone and saying "Happy Memorial Day" is so inappropriate. For a lot of our own friends there is nothing happy about this day. It is just another yearly reminder that their loved one isn't here with them anymore walking on earth. That in order for them to have a conversation with their fallen hero, they must go talk to a gravestone or look a little crazy by talking to thin air.

 Even today a lot of the young newly married spouses & soldiers don't get what the meaning of this day holds for so many of us who have lost dear friends or loved ones. Unfortunately I know the harsh reality of a war that has gone on for ten years now. I also know that those same young soldiers will most likely feel the pain of losing a buddy in this war. That they too will have the veil of youth erased from their eyes & begin to try to find ways to honor those who have fallen in the line of duty for our great nation.

As we are going about our weekend enjoying a four day holiday with my husband one of the few we have left before another deployment. I hope I can keep reminding my children what Memorial Day means. For what cause & reason those brave men or women gave the ultimate sacrifice.I see nothing wrong with enjoying this gift of time that God has given me with my husband enjoying friendships & good food. I do however think it is our job ,responsibility to help the next generation better understand it's not a "happy" day for many. It's a day to show respect for the soldiers who gave all & the families who continue to give so much in order that we never forget their loved ones. Please take the time out of your weekend to honor our fallen heroes & teach another young soul the meaning behind Memorial Day.



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