Sunday, May 22, 2011

Down & Dirty

Yesterday marked the second year in a row I participated in the Fort Lewis Down & Dirty Mud Run. Yes, I ran 3.1 miles & attempted some obstacles on the course all so I could crawl through two huge mud pits! This year Bekah and I where joined by her daughter Amber who I believe is eleven maybe twelve. We went with the 80's theme " Let's get Physical" based on the fun workout style of the 80's & Oliva Newton John-LOL
We had a good time arriving in the 48 degree rain to get our registration packets all picked up. Another good friend came along to photograph the run & the mud carnage at the end.
 We finished at 1 hour & 15 mins covered from head to toe in mud! This year the obstacles weren't as hard in my opinion as last years but the mud was WORSE! The mud pits have a zig-zag rope over the top that you have to low crawl under to get through.Last year we where able to bear-crawl, not this year. We had to pretty much lay completely flat & try not to get mud on our face- it didn't work! Amber enjoyed it alot more then the running sections, especially the water cannon from the fire truck that sprayed us down half way through our run-BRRRRRR! Bekah got caught behind an eight year old girl on the last mud pit that had already gone through it twice. But wanted to keep coming back to crawl through the mud. It would have been fine, but she kept going super slow in the icy mud & shaking mud from her shoes in Bekah's face. So Bekah being the more  mature adult did what any cold, muddy, & wet person would do. She picked up huge handfuls of mud & flung them at that little obnoxious girl's head! Yes it was hysterical !
All in all it was another successful Mud Run & we are debating the July 7K. We must definitely log in more running on the trails around our lake if we decide to take on that course. You may think I am crazy after you see the pictures, but I never knew how much I would enjoy the obstacle course type runs until I competed last year. Now I've finished two Mud Runs & The Warrior Dash! They are so fun & a great stress relief with all the laughter that goes in them along the run trail. So if you love to run you should look up some of your local events & try them out. Enjoy the pictures from the day & have a wonderful Sunday.

                       Channeling Chrissy from Three's Company

                                    Material Girl Bekah

                                   Nice & Clean before the run


                               Off I go with my pigtails flying!

                                                Mud Pit Time

                                                        All DONE!

                             Rinsing off in the freezing water

               Our wonderful photographer even got muddy

                                             We earned our shirts


Me said...


Haha! looks like a total blast!!!!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! You guys look like you're freezing in that last picture. I definitely think those mud runs look like a blast! Congrats!