Friday, May 27, 2011

New Uniform,New Unit, New Deployment

Yesterday we kept all the boys home from school which made them extremely happy. It was time for Paul's unit to have their Deployment Ceremony & Case the colors. Like I mentioned before it was the first time we ever took our younger two with us to watch. They really sat nice & quiet the whole hour. They enjoyed the band , the flags, & the firing of the cannons the best! I was very pleased that they asked questions & seemed to understand the significance of it all. After the Casing of the Colors we had about an hour to waste until it was time for the family bar-b-que. That portion of the day was a lot of fun! They all enjoyed the bouncy houses, mobile video games, climbing wall, & Famous Dave's bar-b-que. I was thankful that the rain held off & we all enjoyed some much needed family time. This Memorial Day weekend will most likely be our last that we can spend together with out  my husband working. I hope you enjoy the pictures from yesterday's fun & everyone has a very safe,happy weekend.

It was a great day for the whole gang & I am so thankful we had that time together to create some new memories. Hopefully all the fun will help carry us threw the next year while our soldier is away.

Here is a video link up to the Deployment Ceremony:ICorps Deployment Ceremony 2011


Unknown said...

Enjoy your time as a family while you can. Deployments are never easy. Hopefully the days will pass quickly for you. How long will he be gone?
How do you feel about the new uniforms? I like them better than ACUs.

Amanda said...

I must say Jess I much prefer the ACU's over the Multi-Cam. To me the Multi-Cam looks old & worn out-LOL but that's just me. When they finally head out it is suppose to be another year deployment- which stinks- the summer months we are so busy with activities- thank goodness. It isn't until the fall I anticipate really hating the deployment. With all my friends PCSing it'll be tough.

Unknown said...

Mmmmmm....Famous Daves...LOL! I know that's NOT what I'm supposed to take from this post but I'm 7 months pregnant...what do you want from me?? LOL!

I'm glad your younger boys were able to be a part of the festivities/ceremony this time. :-)

Amanda said...

HAHA- Maranda- I totally understand I too have been 7 months pregnant & food was all I thought about.