Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tune Time Thursday

It has been a rather slow week here for me so not much Blogging has been going on at all. That has left me thinking all week about the Song-Link up for Thursday that is brought to us by Amber at Goodnight Moon. If she posts the link up in a while I'll link up as usual. But I still wanted to share my musical finds for the week. Because I know you all are dying to know - What has she been listening too?

Since I started participating in the Song-Link up I have started perusing different radio stations all day when in the van. It drives my kids nuts!! Especially if they like the song that is playing & it isn't speaking to me so I switch to another station. I have had to listen to way to many childrens songs over the years & still censor a lot- so It's my CHOICE in my VAN!! Any way this has led me to find several new radio stations that play great music!! My favorite find was a station that advertises playing ALL 80's & 90's ALL the TIME!! WHO-HOO- so EXCITED!! I have listened to some songs I haven't heard in YEARS! I remember thinking how old my parents where when those oldie radio stations where on in our car on road trips. Now I know how they felt- too cool to listen to classics. Even my youngest agreed with my Musical Picks for this Thursday- he was dancing around in his seat. He loved Her!! That's right folks another Lady to listen too this week.

I really couldn't pick because I LOVED almost everything she put out in the late 80's early 90's. So I just picked my top three that I love to listen too anytime. You can watch all three or pick one to listen to & dance around. She was great way before she had the amazing body in some of the videos. Ladies & gentlemen go listen & watch the AMAZING Janet Jackson!!

Did you get out of your seat & Dance?? I love all three of these & so many more- I hope you enjoyed & go Link Up with Amber sometime.


Nicole Marie said...

LOVE me some Janet Jackson. Her, Paula Abdul and Madonna were role models when I was little.

I definitely danced it out to Escapade. And wow, I remember the video for Love Will Never Do. I was really young, and I think that was the first time I saw men that sexy!

Great picks!

Goodnight moon said...

WooHoo! Your linker-upper #1! Congrats! And thanks again so much for the email to let me know that my post wasn't up. Stupid blogger!

I love me some Janet Jackson too! And I too, love listening to the 80's and 90's. That's where my song came from this week!

Thanks for linking up, and loving it as much as I do. And I know what you mean about listening to kids songs all day in the house AND car!

Danielle, VA Beach Photographer said...

Love the songs! Love your blog! Check out my latest post...I nominated you for an award! :)