Monday, May 23, 2011

Unimaginable Heartache

I finally have a moment to breathe & take in the insane events that happened over the last twenty-four hours. I woke up yesterday and it seemed like a normal Sunday was in play. Church, lunch, haircuts, & Jayd dropping off her graduation announcement. Laughter & hugs with her over the exciting future that lay ahead. With promises to talk with her soon to help her mom & her with her graduation party. 
Then the knock at the door at 8:56PM that every military family dreads, they know before they answer something isn't right if their is a knock at the door that late. Shouts for me to hurry up & come to the door,with close friends standing there. Saying the words but my brain not fully comprehending that they are telling me Sam needs me- Cliff has died in Iraq.

It felt like minutes but I know it was only moments that the fog lifted from my shocked brain & I said I'll be right over. Threw on my yoga pants, hair in a ponytail & jumped in my van. The drive seemed like forever as I was trying to hold it together so Sam & the kids wouldn't see my crying seemed almost impossible, but I did pretty good. Gone was the excitement in the house of an impending fourteenth birthday coming up on Friday & a graduation from high school in two weeks. Shock,sadness, disbelief just a few of the emotions that swept over me as I entered their home to see my best friend of thirteen years completely heartbroken & devastated. No tears came, but my hands shook as I helped make a couple phone calls & tried to let the kids know we would figure it all out. Not sure I was much comfort, but it gave me comfort being with them.

 My heart broke for the two children I had watched grow up & become like family over the past thirteen years.Not sure what the next few days will bring as everything is still up in the air. But my brain is still in shock over the passing of their dad & our friend. Just when you think your reality is safe, the Army has a way of smacking you right in the face. Asking for all my friends to keep the Beattie family in prayer as they are grieving- two children lost their dad on Sunday- their lives will never be the same. I am not sure any of ours will for a very long time.

Rip SFC Clifford Beattie- you are loved & will not be forgotten 

Press release from Sunday    All family members have been notified as of this post & announcement has been posted on Facebook.

Cliff's Memorial Page  on Facebook. Please feel free to visit & leave your condolences for the family or share a memory.


mommyofasuperhero said...

OMG im so sorry for yal's loss. My heart goes out to yal.

Blogging at Tiffany's said...

My heart breaks for their family. I only met Sam once at the pool last summer, but it is still very shocking and hitting too close to home for me. They are in my prayers.

Unknown said...

Please know that the Beattie family are in my heart just breaks for them. Such a tragedy. My love to everyone touched by this... :-(

Anonymous said...

There are a number of us who served with SFC Beattie that would like to know when his funeral will be. He was loved by many and will be forgotten by none!

Amanda said...

I just left the house as the kids just returned from Dover, AFB. At this time the Memorial Service is planned to be in Spokane,WA. The exact time & day is still unknown. As soon as I hear something I can Post it for you.

Amanda said...

Crystal we now have Cliff's Funeral Service time & Date but I have no way to get in touch with you. If you could set your Blogger account where you can receive emails I'd be happy to pass along the information.