Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday's Tune Time

This weeks song pick started off from going to see the movie BRIDESMAIDS last weekend. It was heard through out the end of the movie & the cast lip synced it at the end. It made me laugh so HARD in that scene that I knew it could be the Song of the Week for me.

Then a couple days later I had a phone conversation with a friend who had hit the "deployment wall" & was having a hard day. We discussed all her options & what I had experienced in past deployments. Once again this song sprang into my head & I was about 80% sure it would be my pick.

Then yesterday at dinner time I was thrown into a pre-deployment tail spin. To some it won't seem like a big deal to other Type A personalities they will totally get it! We where all sitting around the dinner table & my soldier casually asked if I was coming to the Pre-Deployment ceremony/Family day next Thursday? I answer I had planned on coming but on  my calender it's marked for June such & such day, so you must be wrong. I had emailed it out weeks ago to my families so he must have the wrong date - right? WRONG!!!! They had changed everything & just told our FRG the day before. I had to run & email my FRG leader who confirmed it & apologized for not sending out an email right away. I FREAKED OUT in my head!! I have the next couple of weeks mapped out in my head and on my calender . I did NOT have time for date changes & shuffles to my schedule. Luckily I woke up this morning with a detailed email from our FRG that I pushed out to our families about ALL the changes. I am glad we got it out this week so hopefully our families can adjust their calenders as well.

In short what this means as I explained to a couple of good friends last night is I have hit that pre-deployment insanity phase. Where no dates stay the same, time is short, & I have to much packed into to little of a time frame. Of course it's all activities for the most part that I want my soldier there with us to participate. Thus the reason I have packed them all into the next few weeks. I already warned those two friends that I am losing it & one made me chuckle with her Don't worry attitude- we are use to your nuttyness (not sure that's even a word?). So consider this my warning to all my Blog Followers- this Blog could be neglected & not as many post in the next few weeks or my insane bi-polar self could be posting frantic, sad, angry, Blogs as we fast approach deployment number four,

With that being said here is my song choice of the week- first go see the movie BRIDESMAIDS if you haven't so the song also makes you laugh. Second I hope I realize I can tie a knot in the end of my rope & HOLD ON it'll be Ok!!

Wilson Phillips- HOLD ON is my Song Link-Up now you go on over to visit Amber at Goodnight moon to link up your favorite song of the week!


Ashley S. said...

I really, really want to see that movie! My sister went and saw it last week and she loved it! Movies are really expensive around here, so my husband and I hate to splurge unless we are just dying to see something. I'll probably have to wait until it comes out on Netflix. I'm glad the movie put a smile on your face, despite what you are going through. Hang in there, girl!

Goodnight moon said...

I'm totally jealous that you got to see the movie! I soooo want to see it! It looks awesome!I too love this song. I use to have it on cassette tape and would listen to it and sing every song on the tape as I had to wash the dinners ALL by hand, after we were done eating dinner, as a kid.

I'm so sorry about all the date changes. As we all know, it's all part of the roller coaster of deployments!

Sending hugs! All will be good!

Nicole Marie said...

I want to see Bridesmaids, but I really can't drag the hubby to see it. :( boo. Then again I saw Thor for him last weekend. Maybe I can plea a case for him to take me now! Lol.

Great song choice. :)

Amanda said...

Nicole I went with my girlfriends- but there where a ton of guys there. the cast is mostly SNL- so the guys thought it was just as funny as us girls!

Anonymous said...

I about wet my pants when Heen announced them and they walked out! Kristin and Maya were SOOOO funny during that closing scene- because we all know we do the dance moves too! What a great song.

Anonymous said...

Such a good song! I have not heard it in forever.