Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wishing for Spring with Crafts

I have to say when I woke up this morning to SNOW, YUCK was the first thing that I said out loud to myself! I am so over winter & ready to move on to Spring . I am ready for the WA Cherry Blossom trees to bloom & tulips! I am hosting a brunch this Thursday for some lovely Army wives so I decided to help get myself in a better mood by decorating. I spent hours folks & yes I said hours of my life on Pinterest. Looking & pinning all the wonderful Spring ideas I ran across. Then yesterday I picked out two  that I was determined I was going to make. Not just let is spend it's life on my computer on my boards-lol.

I have never really decorated for Spring but there is always a first! In the past twenty four hours I have visited Michaels to get all the supplies I needed for my two Spring ideas for my home. I then started working on the hanging Easter eggs for my front door with my boys. They turned out pretty cute for a first time crafter like myself & we hung them on the door early this morning.

It took glitter mod poge glue, colored tissue paper & some carve-able or foam eggs will work. I also bought the ribbon & extra little baby eggs to add to the top. The yellow egg has only the glitter glue on it for a smoother finish. But the boys & I decided we like the tissue papered eggs better- gives them more dimension. It hangs beautifully on the front door now & I am super pleased with how it turned out.

Next was a flower centerpiece for my table. I always like to have some sort of centerpiece on my table for whatever season we are in when I host. I found some great ideas on Pinterest & modified them to my liking. I came up with this beautiful creation today.

While at Michaels I found two different size glass candle holders. The larger holds the jelly beans which I chose pastel jolly rancher flavor. It was the color I liked best. But you could do the bold bright colored jelly beans if you want a brighter flower in the middle. You have a smaller cylinder glass candle holder in the center & pour the jelly beans around. Some Pins I saw also used the peeps, but I decided I liked the jelly bean look better for my table. I went in search of Tulips but our store had none in & weren't expecting any by Thursday- brunch day. I settled on these lovely mixed bunch that accented the jelly beans perfectly. After I trimmed down the stems to the right height I placed them in water in the middle cylinder. Then I took pink tool and stuffed it in around the top to cover up the other cylinder better- plus I think it looks cute. I suppose you could add more jelly beans- but I had already used three bag fulls! Now it sits beautifully in the center of my table just waiting for Thursday and all the delicious food to be placed around.

Now that I have taken to actually doing the pins that I have found on my boards I LOVE Pinterest even more! This is probably not a good thing  :0/  But it has some great ideas that are fun to do when you want something simple that looks fantastic! Happy Pinning everyone!

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Jane said...

I love your flowers you chose as your center piece. They are so springy and gorgeous!