Saturday, March 31, 2012

More of the Same

It's strange to me to wake up & see all these recent post from my new friends I've made while Paul has been deployed these past 9 months. Their husbands are finally leaving for a deployment. Sometimes it's seems unreal to me that Paul has actually been gone already for 9 excruciatingly long at times months. That we are FINALLY on the down hill slide. I hate to see the Facebook post of the new wives who've never done a deployment as their heart breaks as they send their loved ones off to war. Those wives who are hanging on the best they can as they send their soldier husbands off ....again. It seems like my world always revolves around more of the same. Paul home for a year then gone for a year. That friends I make come & then move away. I know this is what the Army life is about, but it still does not make it any less heart wrenching to watch & especially to love.

What do I say to those friends who now face the next 9 months sleep deprived & glued to their cell phones. There really aren't that many comforting words so I'll just do my best to hug them, hold a hand, take them out on a girls night if a sanity break is needed. I will try to reassure them that they can do this for the first time or one more time. I will continue to pray daily for all our military who are serving around the globe. I will just be here if they need something because most of them have been here for me for the past 9 months even when their husbands where home. Deployments are never something you get use to & they are never all the same. I always explain them as a roller coaster ride and all you can hope for is that you got on the roller coaster with the least amount upside down loops.

My countdown to Homecoming has began but so many others are still right in the thick of the deployments or at the beginning. Please keep them all in your prayers until they all come home for good. Here is a great song I just heard on another Bloggy friends post whose hubby just left. It sure says it all about how you feel when your going through the throws of a deployment.

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