Saturday, March 10, 2012

Super Scary Days

I will let the pictures do the talking for a moment......

 Yes folks I am old enough to have a fifteen year old who got his permit after school on Friday. There where a few moments I thought we would die before we made it home. I've now learned my lesson and the next three boys WILL start driving BEFORE they take Driver's Education & get permits!! We never thought about it since Hunter was not that interested and the child has a lot to learn. It was a fun moment I'll never forget that's for sure. I also will NEVER let him live it down & can't wait to tell his children one day about the time he almost killed Nana. I think I want grandkids to call me Nana one

As if driving with a new driver wasn't enough excitement for one week I also decided to cut my hair off. I am literally working out six days a week and on the GO from the time I get up untl bed. I have no time to spend fixing my hair. It was taking 45 minutes as I have super thick red hair. I braved it & let me stylist whack 5 inches off! Not sure I love love it on me ?? But I do LOVE the 15 to 20 mins it took to blow dry & style!

Thank goodness nothing HUGE is planned for this weekend. We can all relax a little & be thankful for the time to chill. Now to get ready for the gym, then the movies with the kids, & maybe letting Hunter practice some more driving..... I do have accidental life insurance policy beside the Army issue stuff. So remind my man of that should Hunter kill us both....just teasing him about his driving - it's fun!

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