Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pretty Please.....Your Perfect to Me

Thursday is here and we have had the Flu hit the house hard again this week My oldest and Jeremy both started throwing up early morning Wednesday, YUCK!! We had a long day of 7-up & crackers yesterday. Jeremy is still home today with a fever. Yesterday was a home work out day due to the illness. I was so proud of myself to get in the following WOD:

45 Burpees & 15 decline push-ups
125 lunges
130 squats mixture of regular & sumo
40 crunches

I am trying so hard to stay on track this time & not push myself to the brink of exhaustion but push myself enough to have to up the anty every few days. I am working on myself for myself! I know that I tend to get a little obsessed so I'm trying hard to stay focused & listen to what my body is telling me this time around. I have always had a one track mind when it comes to fitness & nutrition. It started way back the summer before I started 8th grade. All my friends where naturally skinny & in the 80's that was the thing to be, skinny! So I started the never ending quest of dieting. Guess what I was not just good at it I was GREAT!!  I look back at pictures & am shocked at how thin I was. At 5'5 I should have never been 106 pounds at my lowest. I never allowed myself to go above 115 in high school- crazy now that I look back, but at the time I thought I looked great! 
Now everytime I start a new cycle of fitness & nutrition I have to really reign myself in on my nutrition at times. In college working out became an obsession when I gained ten pounds the first year and was no longer a size 4- seriously folk I thought a size 6 was awful! Now I repeat to myself daily and a lot that "Size DOES NOT define me! My fitness level & my strength are the MOST important thing" I try to remind myself it's ok to have stretch marks and curves . I mean geezzz I have had four children back to back. But I do not use my children as an excuse to stay jiggly or stay still. I may not be perfect in the eyes of the world but guess what I DO NOT HAVE TO BE!!  The only people who I want to see me and think I am perfect or pretty darn close are my husband & my boys. I stay healthy , exercise, track my fitness for myself & for my family.
I know I am not the first or the last woman to struggle with body issues. I struggle all the time. But I try to remember that there is no such thing as perfect it's all in my mind- there is only the motivation to make myself the best wife, mom,daughter, sister, & friend I can be for myself. This video I found today I LOVE IT!! I wanted to share it today so that everyone who struggles with body issues can remember it's not about what society says you should be at all. It's about taking care of yourself for yourself so that you can be there for those that really matter in your life.
 That "perfect" is in the eyes of the beholder. Those that love you won't mind that you have moments of pure insanity or that your not a size 6!! If they do, they have no place in  your world. Remember to Love your self, then it will be easy for others to Love you back!

My song of the day to hare over at Goodnight Moon with Amber is this:

Perfect ....

I am & will always be striving to improve myself, but I am no longer trying to be Perfect.

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