Monday, March 26, 2012

Getting Stronger

Saturday was packed full of fun! It started for me with a 9AM walk/run workout with Bekah my good friend. I talked her into trying on a weighted vest for our hike around our trails. We both grabbed our vests, mine was 25llbs hers 20llbs and off we went. When we approached the playgrounds with the monkey bars we got to be kids again for a moment. The only problem is we aren't as light as our kids anymore. I mean seriously folks how on earth does my nine year old just glide across the monkey bars? I've been trying for months now & still feel like a piece of cement is hanging from around my waist! But I am getting somewhat stronger each time I try and that is what counts!  Let me say I tried to hang by one arm-haha I also managed 5 or 6 little pulls to work on my strength for pull-ups. I did get higher then last week- so YAY ME!!
I am not sure Bekah appreciated the playground where I made her jump up & over the tire. Bear crawl through the tunnel, run up the stairs then back down, & last but not least knees to chest on monkey bars. Now we did take off the vests for this activity- but after 5 rounds we where tired! Then we had to put the vests back on to walk the mile & a half home to my house. It was for me a great way to start my Saturday! I just love a good work out! Here are two fun photos collages of what we looked looked like to anyone passing by us at the playground-haha I am sure they thought we where a little bananas!

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Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to being able to work out again once this baby is born! :)