Friday, September 9, 2011


Today was the day , Jeremy headed off to school for a half-day. I was very nervous he was super excited! We arrived in his classroom right on time & he immediately asked for computer time- lol Once in his desk I asked if I could leave him for awhile & he responded "nope, I think you need to stay mom." so I did. We got ready to head to his first official school assembly called BOOT CAMP. He would sit & learn about Lackamas expectations of their students for the year. I was just praying he actually sat down through the whole thing. Well there was no need for my worry he sat right down & made a friend right away!

After they finished in the gym they broke into classes & toured the school grounds. They learned the rules for the playground,library,cafeteria,bathrooms,music, art room, & bus drop off.Half way through he informed I could leave now-haha I decided to just go back to his class since we only had one more hour for him at school. I helped his teacher a bit & waited. He burst through the door about 45 minutes later with a huge smile. He looked at me & said "can we go home now?". That was my cue, I knew he had been there long enough so we put our pencil away said our goodbyes & headed to McDonalds for a special lunch! His IEP is still getting finished so it works out well that he can only go half-days for the next week. I think getting use to a new routine slowly will work best. 

What made me smile the most today was during the assembly. The principal informed all the kids that they where "Exceptional Kids". Well the Army calls Jeremy our "Exceptional Family Member", so of course he raised his hand & asked "how did you know that already?" I almost burst out laughing because he was so serious & whispered it to his teacher that he was called that all the time at Madigan where he see Dr. Jodi. Anyway we both survived today & I will keep praying that next week goes just as smoothly as today. I hope everyone has a very blessed weekend.

Jeremy at his desk

First school Assembly 


3 comments: said...

Nice to have the option to let go, just a little, isn't it? You did great Amanda! Glad it was such a success - one milestone at a time!

Amanda said...

Thanks Becky- it was a good morning for us both-thank goodness. It will make it easier next week.

Lisa C said...

Yay Jeremy....Yay Mom!! He IS exceptional, it's good he KNOWS it :)