Saturday, September 3, 2011

Reflections Lake Hike, Mt. Rainer

Saturday came early with me trying to get the boys up & moving to head to Mt. Rainer for a little day hike. Everyone finally loaded into the van & off we went, excited for the moment. Once we caught up with Sam & her gang we where on our way to Mt. Rainer National Park which is only about 2 hours from the house or even less. It was a beautiful sunny but cool morning- great hiking weather! We had six children and three adults to start the hike to Reflections Lake. Off we go down a little ways then all the sudden straight up some super steep hills! This was suppose to be the easy path but on a scale of 1 to 5 , 5 being the hardest for little people under the age of 9 - I give it a 3.5 in spots. We where all trekking along at a pretty decent pace with only one melt down along the way. This mom wasn't having it! I told the child to buck up & keep walking. He would be excited once we got to our final destination. Mom was so right! Once we actually got to the lake there was some snow. Of course the boys immediately started pelting eachother with snow balls & having fun. Laughter ruled for about thirty minutes until it was time to head back.

The walk back was a little easier as most of it was down hill, we had done all the steep climbs heading to the lake. Now my calves where burning a bit by the time we got to the waterfalls where we started. But it was a nice 3 mile round trip hike, that any family can enjoy. Even all the kids agreed after it was over they had fun! It was a little rough in the beginning but with a little "attitude adjustment" from mom & a "no quitting" allowed motto we all made it! We got some great pictures  had some good giggles along the way & I can't wait to do another hike again some day!

The beginning when we where ALL SMILES....

Finally Sam & I at Reflection Lake

 The kids with dear ole mom who made them HIKE,oh- the Horror!!!

  The "STUD" who did the 3 miles with NO -COMPLAINTS!!

Last group picture of the day of my young men - it was a good day!

Last picture was of Matthew being silly- we all ended up having fun!

Now my husband & his group of soldiers gathered today to honor the memory of their Fallen Comrades in Arms. 31 Minutes of giving your all in Crossfit- 
In honor of our 31 lost in the helicopter crash. Way to go guys & everyone around the globe that joined in! So far close to $300,000 in money has been raised for the families affected by this tragedy- USA!!!! 

Our Fallen

My soldier during the workout 


Sasha said...

Looks so beautiful there! What a fun day

Unknown said...

Wow! Looks like a great hike. We hike with our son all the time right now, but he doesn't complain, since he gets to ride on our chests :)