Monday, September 26, 2011

Turn Around and Another Year Goes By

I can hardly believe my  oldest is turning 15 today! It seems like just yesterday I was finding out I was even expecting him. I can clearly remember all the details of September 26, 1996 to this day. We where at Fort Campbell it was out first duty station together. Paul had been home from his deployment to Panama just four short weeks. Hunter decided to make his entrance into our world ten days early! I blame it on the walking of the Archery course Paul & I did that day as well as all the sweet tea I drank at Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. I had not had any caffeine in months so for some reason that night I sucked down glass after glass of the delicious tea.

I remember the Season Premier of ER was on in my hospital room as we waited for Hunter to make his arrival as well as my dad to get to the hospital from Mississippi. It was 22 hours of labor before he arrived, thank goodness for epidurals & good friends who worked in the pharmacy who made sure it would be strong!

He was born on the opening day of Deer Season in Ky-haha. We had already had his name picked but I still find that amusing as Paul had planned on being hunting not sitting in the hospital room with a newborn. Hunter Ray has brought so much joy & laughter into our world I couldn't imagine a day with out him in our lives. He has surprised in so many ways. I look forward to God granting us many more wonderful years with this young man in our lives. I thank God every day for our boys they are such a blessing . Even on the days I want to scream from the insanity.

♪♪Happy Birthday Hunter Ray ♪♪

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Happy Birthday, Hunter!!!