Friday, September 23, 2011

Fitness Friday

This week seemed to fly by thank goodness but it was also a little nutty in spots! I was able to get some good workouts into my week but nothing like last week. Monday I had a sick kiddo & I was exhausted so that resulted in a short walk with weights for only 45 minutes. But I MOVED & that is what matters. Tuesday came with some lovely sunshine & a chance to meet up with four other military ladies to work out in a playground in our community. It gave me much needed adult conversation as well as baby time as I got to hold a little guy while mom finished her work out. I also FINALLY ran the three loops we do down a steep grade then up a steep hill with out feeling like I was dying! My endurance has picked up by adding these Tues/Thurs outdoor sessions.We worked hard but I also wasn't near as sore-YAY! Wednesday turned into rest day because it was just a nutty type of day. Thursday I had my morning outdoor session with two of my wives & then a bonus 40 minutes at Soccer practice.

I met up with two other Soccer moms who are trying to get back into shape & needed a little push in the right direction. I wore my work out clothes & we hit the high school bleachers for fifteen minutes of non-stop up/downs. I was so excited that they finished even though they where grumbling & telling me I was mean at the end. I was sweaty but not hurting so I was excited! We then ran the High school track they managed one lap, I made them walk a lap. They then stopped to stretch while I ran one more lap to get a total of 1 1/2 miles in for the evening. It was a nice easy way to work in some more exercise to my day. Today is Friday thank goodness! I have a lot going on to get ready for my soon to be oldest son's sleep over he is having tonight. He turns FIFTEEN on Monday.....HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??

I have kids to drop off at school so I can go get my massage I booked last month. My hamstrings are still pretty tight & tender so I hope I don't jump off the table when he works that area. I am sure it will help so I can't wait. Then I have to grab a quick cardio session at the gym, pick up pizzas not sure how many to get for five teenage boys?? Also need to rent the movie THOR for them as well as ice the birthday cake I baked yesterday. Busy, busy, that is me today- but I really wouldn't have any other way! Hope everyone out there has a great weekend as well- stay safe & enjoy!

2 comments: said...

My sister in law brought over about 5 pizzas for my birthday and it did not feed my 3, 2 big boys, and 3 adults. Good Luck.

AND enjoy the chaos. I love a house full of people as long as nothing gets broken and no one gets hurt (too badly).

Amanda said...

Becky we went with four Family Size from papa murphy's because he also wanted popcorn, cake, candy I think they will survive if not oh well! But I am sure they will have fun!