Friday, September 16, 2011

Fitness Friday

I have been HARD at work all week- folks I have done five days in a row of working out! I am super proud of myself & super tired as I sit here to type about it all. I started on Monday by hitting the gym with some good cardio & arms/abs. Then Tuesday had me waking up to news that where my husband is stationed was under attack -all over the news. The worry worked to my advantage & I broke my own personal best in completing 8.5 miles of cardio in forty minutes. I looked like I had stepped out of the shower! Sweat dripping from every place on my body-literally! I accomplished my cardio with the elliptical & the bike at the gym. I then went on for another thirty - five minutes of legs & abs. So it was an amazing day & YES DOMS (Delayed Muscles Soreness) ensued about two hours later. Got to love it when you go to get off the toliet & your legs are wobbly & screaming in pain from a good work out.

Wednesday was my rest day . But I had another Military Mom who wanted to meet & start getting back into shape. I met her at one of parks & walked about 2 miles while carrying weight around the trails. It really helped get all my lactic acid moving to remove any lingering soreness. If your super sore remember to keep moving!! It will help work out the stiffness. Now Wednesday wasn't super hard I got a little sweaty but I moved for an hour & helped another wife start her fitness journey- that's what counts! Thursday was gym time with only twenty-five minutes of light cardio then glutes/legs. My legs where jell-o when I was done. I had to go to Safeway to get groceries & thankful the cart held me up! Friday I was excited to meet up with four lovely military spouses that live out here by me in our housing development. I took all kinds of my free weights- from 3llbs up to 15llbs to the park! We met up & I showed them how to do a good circuit using the playground. Park benches , the stairs, running down the hill then back up, as well as the weights for squats & arms. I did more of the arm work but did the running & stairs as well-  my now smoked legs are not thanking me yet! We did this 3 times with 15 reps on each station & 3 runs up & down the hill. It's not a small hill either it's pretty long steep hill.

Saturday & Sunday where suppose to be my rest days. I have Soccer tomorrow with Jacob at noon. But the ladies where really excited & the weather is suppose to be cool but nice. So I agreed to meet up at the lake & power walk the trails with them- while we carry weights. That's right folks if it works out tomorrow will be day six of workouts for me this week- Sunday is for sure a REST day! I ate really clean this week with a lot of lean proteins. I switched the boys to turkey burgers & they gobbled them down only one noticed the difference. I didn't sneak not one glass of wine in at all! I did have a Starbucks yesterday evening, but Panzer my dog made me spill half of it- so does it really count?? All in all it has been a good work out week. I hope to repeat it next week working more of my arms & chest. I love that I have other ladies excited to get healthy as well.They all joined our Facebook page  Sweaty & Strong Military Sisters  so they could find workout partners to help them stay motivated! That was the whole point of the page- so I am super happy it is working. if you haven't checked it out go LIKE it to see what it is all about!

I hope everyone has a fun, safe, & healthy weekend! Remember there is NO EXCUSE to NOT MOVE!! Thirty minutes a day is all it takes to get you started to a healthy lifestyle. You will feel better inside & out!

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