Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Self-esteem...make friends with your Body

I was reading an article early this morning as I was gulping sipping my coffee. It was about Self- Esteem and how you view your body changes your attitude. I have long sense known that when I hate the way I look on the outside it affects the way I feel on the inside. But sometimes we need a little reminder that our body's will be with us forever until we take our last breath. Would you scream negative words & phrases at your Best Friend? I think Not! Remember that the little voice in your head plays a big role in helping you along your healthy lifestyle journey. Just because you may not think you are making progress but everyday you get out , you move make healthy food choices you are treating your Best Friend well.

So PLEASE don't forget to tell your Best Friend "Thank you for letting me make it up that big hill!". "Thank you for letting me do one more sit-up.". " Thank you for letting me walk in the sunshine or rain today with out being in pain." The most important Thank You - " Thank you for letting me wake up to another glorious day!"  

Self talk can make or break your Healthy Lifestyle journey. Make sure your self-talk encourages & up-lifts your Best Friend . Success is sure to come your way because if you think you can do it - it won't belong before your Best Friend BELIEVES YOU CAN DO IT!

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