Monday, September 12, 2011

Motivational Monday

I woke up at the nice chipper hour of 5:45Am this day,uggg But my coffee was nice & hot ready for me to drink- so it made me happy. I woke up ready to get a good work out in ,the wal-mart run done, & the painting in the front room finally started. I got ALL these things done today & almost finished the whole front room already! Not sure where all my motivation suddenly came from but I am NOT complaining!! I enjoyed the gym even though I only did 45 minutes as I felt a little drained. I loved walking around wal-mart looking at a lot but only leaving with what I really needed. I even enjoyed turning on our stereo we never use anymore & pulling at the paint that has been sitting in the garage all summer. I was suppose to paint in July while the boys where gone, but it just didn't happen. I am happy to say I only have trim work left to do tomorrow-YAY. I took down the curtains & threw them in the washer so they are dust free before putting them back. The room already looks so much cleaner & fresh! I can't wait to finish painting & get it all put together. Hopefully this wonderful motivation sticks around for another couple of days so I can get it completed. I am hosting a Thirty-One Gifts party on Sunday afternoon & also have to get the rest of my house cleaned at some point. Today has been so nice, thank goodness for a wonderful Monday!

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