Saturday, September 10, 2011

One of Those Days, Again...

 I woke up around seven-ish this morning after staying way to late because I was exhausted & just couldn't sleep. I made my coffee turned on the computer & my TV. I know exactly what day it is today. I know exactly what time it is in Afghansitan & where my husband is suppose to be the evening before 9-11. I know that we need to remember to honor all those lost ten years ago & those since then who have served. But I must admit all the news information is getting a bit overwhelming. But I am drawn to watch the memorial service they are streaming live from PA for Flight 93. Tears well Up & I go leave a FB post on Paul's wall. I love you we are thinking of you. I hope you have a calm evening & are as safe as possible. We are praying for you & all those serving with you around the globe. Love you xoxo. 

I walk away to get ready for the gym, I think I need a good work out to get my mind off everything. I return to close my computer to see Paul has already replied with this response " Thanks Baby, Calm is already out the window, but we'll do what we can. Love you more."

I can tell right away it's just going to be one of those days that I am way to nervous,stressed,tears every other second kind of days. For those who have gone through a deployment you know the type of day I am talking about. I went to the gym in such a state that I pounded out 7.25 miles of cardio. I went until my legs wouldn't go anymore. Unfortunately all the TV's where set to the News stations,ugggg. So when BREAKING NEWS pops on stupid me looks to see what it could be now. A deadly Attack has happened in Kabul, Afghanistan today with American lives lost. I am sure the guy running on the tread mill next me thought I was a weirdo as tears mixed with now dripping sweat ran down my face. I tried to breath through it, but it took a moment to get it together. So much for gym time helping. I walked away from the TV area picked up the weights & went back to work. Finally in pain & exhaustion it all left my mind for about the next 15 minutes- thank goodness!! All I could think of for a bit as I got back in my car is "Please God don't let it be any of our friends we know or any of our friends spouses. But Please help those families who are about to get the worst news of their lives". I always feel so selfish praying that it not be someone we know, but I really am not sure how much more I can take. 

Now we are off to the lake to swim enjoy some sunshine & avoid the TV at all costs for awhile. Talked with Paul one more time to say  our love yous, because you just can't tell them enough while they are deployed. 

Now moving on to my Healthy lifestyle I have been working on this month. Big switch in my post I know but it is what it is today folks, sorry.

If you remember from a previous post I am trying to whip myself back into shape for an upcoming 5k Obstacle run on October 8th. I have been doing the best I can with all the boys crazy schedules. This week has been the best so far. I have had so much stress not as much time so I have made the most of every work out & eaten very clean. SO here is a quick overview of this week for me with hopes of only improving over the next 4 weeks before the race. I hope everyone else is keeping up with their routines & staying on track- You can do it!!

Monday: 6.78 miles of Cardio broke up on elliptical & bike in 31 minutes.
                 Abs- lots of different things for my lats & lower Abs for 15 minutes. Then Rowing for some arms for 5 mins then Mountain Climber for glutes for 8 minutes.


Wednesday- 6.40 miles of Cardip between Bike & Elliptical again 

 3 sets of bi-ceps curls (15 each set )
3 sets of dips with 60 pounds
Full Body push up 10 (still working on those)
Core hold x3 for 35 seconds each time
Crunches x40
Rowing with side twists for lats for 3  minutes
Shoulder press 3 set with 25 pounds

Thursday- 6.50 of Cardio on Bike & Elliptical

lower abs x30
side crucnhes with 8llbs ball x 50 each side
row machine 3 mins with twist for lats

dips 60 pounds 3 sets of 15
chest press 30 pounds 3 sets of 15
full body push ups 10
biceps several different exercises I forget the name- sorry 3 sets of 15 each time
knees to chest in a push up stance x 12


Saturday- 7.25 Cardio on Bike & Elliptical
Abs lower mid & lats for about 15 minutes
chest press 30 pounds 3 sets of 15
more chest not sure the machine-lol 3 sets of 15 25 pounds
shoulders 3 sets of 13 25 pounds
push ups 10
knees to chest in push up stance 12
core side push ups 2 set of 15- OUCH!

So as you can see I worked hard averaging about 1 hour 15 minutes of gym time each chance I got- left drenched feeling great! my clothes are already fitting better- so I know it's working. I don't own a scale & have decided I'll way next time I am in the gym. I tend to have heavy muscle mass so not expecting a huge drop. Nayway thats it for today- off to the lake now to relax if we can. Until next time stay motivate & eat healthy so you can feel your best!!


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