Monday, March 7, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

We had no big plans for this weekend & I went into it with just the thoughts of relaxing. I enjoyed pizza night on Friday with the kids & a relatively early bedtime for me. Saturday brought pure laziness around our house. The kids slept in late for them & I played on the computer. I also had fun finishing a book I was reading called "The Road Home" a loosely based novel on the Biblical story of Ruth.I found it to be a really good read. I did some laundry, vacuumed, & dishes. But really didn't strain to much-lol. We found a bunch of Superhero movies playing all afternoon & watched a total of three with the boys.My husband enjoyed wrestling some with the boys at time catching them off guard which made me laugh. The older one's are taller then me now so it was fun to watch them try to beat dad. The little two just giggled & tapped out after a few times.I am very glad I made no plans for us & we could just enjoy the family time together.

Sunday brought sleepy heads who didn't want to wake up! I had woke up around 3Am for some crazy reason after getting only six hours of sleep. My body is just so use to this amount that I functioned normally all day & never even felt like I needed a nap. This I have decided is from having children & multiple deployments. You grow very accustom to running on fumes. I finally got me with two of the boys out the door & off to church. I love our small church but hate the forty-five minute drive it takes for us to get there. But we really are limited on choices around here & so I drive.I enjoyed our sermon on Worrying- this is my biggest obstacle. I worry over every little thing in my world & have tried nurmeous times to be that "easy, breezy" girl with no luck.They used my favorite passage in Matthew to remind that I don't have to Worry about food, clothing, or what tomorrow will bring that God really does have it covered.I left for the moment very uplifted & ready for the rest of my day.

We ran to Costco to pick up last minute items for our dinner. I had planned with my best friend Sam to have her & her whole family over for Mexican night later that evening. I was super excited for this dinner since it had been awhile since we had done a potluck. We use to do them once a week but our schedules just haven't permitted them lately.We discussed last week putting them back into play at least once a month but we are going to shoot for twice if possible.The grown men in our life get drug along to the dinners & don't complain as they get the best tasting food for the evening .
I prepared my favorite Chicken Enchilada recipe & Sangria. It was the first time I had ever made Sangria & I loved the recipe I found on-line. It has to be the best tasting sangria I have ever drank & I am not just saying that because I made it! Sam brought her famous fried Tacos that are so Yummy & not healthy at all. She also found a recipe for what we now refer to as the "Happiness Cake". My youngest was eating it & replied to us when asked if he liked the new dessert " It is pure Happiness on a plate mom!". We laughed so hard because he was so serious & eating it all down! It had layered ice cream sandwiches on the bottom. Then cut up bananas, strawberries,caramel syrup, chocolate syrup & cherries in the middles. With another layer of ice cream sandwiches  with whip cream- yes it was very decadent. It was HEAVEN or Happiness on a plate!
We enjoyed sitting around my table eating & catching up on our past weeks adventures. It was a great way to end our relaxing weekend. This week is super busy so I am sure that I will be wishing by Wednesday for some more Sangira & Happiness on a Plate Cake. I hope you all have a very Blessed & safe week.

Sangria Recipe 

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