Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In like a Lion

I am sure a lot of you have heard that old saying about March's arrival "it comes in like a LION & out like a LAMB.". That is defiantly true here in the Pacific Northwest today! We had snow/rain slush falling for two days now . I am so tired of the cold & ready for a little warmth. I don't need it to be super hot but mid 60's to low 70's would be wonderful. I hope by the end of the month when the husband's Block leave starts we are into the "LAMB" phase of March.
Which brings me to how super fast the month of February seemed to fly by this year. I know it's a short month of only 28 days, but really I blinked & it was GONE! Maybe it is because we are starting into the phase of pre-deployment where the husband does his SRP (Soldier Readiness Process) & Block leave <<<sigh>>>. I hate when it get's to this point & you want time to slow down & stop for you but it just keeps marching on at a really fast pace! In a couple months I'll be Blogging about how time is standing still as I wait for my soldier's return. Time is a double-edged sword for the Military family & we never win . 
I am looking forward to sending my husband to Colorado to visit with his family for the first week of his Block leave. It is just easier for him to go to them then to pack four kids, 2 dogs, & a van full of luggage on the road for 48 hours. That would be miserable for everyone involved & waste precious Leave time for my soldier. So off he will go for a week of being spoiled at his sister's home in CO. His twin sister lives close by with her husband & his parents are driving in from WY. He was raised in this town so he is excited to spend time with some old friends as well.
Upon his arrival back  home he get's a 24 hour break then we are off to the Great Wolf Lodge  indoor water park in Grand Mounds, WA. It is so close to our home that it is a great, fast, easy family trip we can take with all the kids. They are so excited & that makes me happy! We can spend two days making some wonderful memories that will have to hold them through the up coming year while their dad is away.
After the waterpark it's home time & the kids are on spring break from school. I see some fishing for the boys & maybe an overnight camping trip with their dad.When they go back to school the last week I believe the husband hopes to work in a small fishing trip by himself so he can do some real fishing. When he takes the boys he wants them to have fun & that often means no time for him to really fish.The man can spend hours in the rainy cold wet weather on a river & be happy. I just don't get it, but he doesn't get how the Mall can bring me so much joy.I can hardly believe he get's three whole weeks off from work as it is so rare. I plan on enjoying it as we have already been warned by his work that they are super busy with schools upon leave being over :(  They work right up until he leaves- which stinks but oh-well.
Anyway I hope March slows down just a bit so I can enjoy what time we do have left as a family. My youngest starts his soccer practice in the rain, so maybe the weather can cooperate as well & warm up!I am off now to find an educational show for Jeremy to watch off of Netflix for this afternoon as he flew through his school again today!! YAY for a super great day so far!

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