Saturday, March 26, 2011

100 Random Facts about ME!! (pt.1)

I don't Twitter , I tried to start about a year ago but I honestly don't need people to know every little thing going on in my daily life. I have Facebook & you can usually get an updated status through out my day if your that interested. I guess posting 100 Random Facts is currently all the rage on Twitter even though it eats up everyone's feed all day. I do love the idea that Megan @ Megan Writes decided to start about posting 100 Random Facts about yourself on your Blog. Don't worry I am NOT going to post them all in one Blog & bore you to death. Not to mention I am not sure I could come up with that many facts all at once. I will start with 25 Facts today & do another 25 later during the upcoming week . Hope you learn something Random about Me - happy reading.

 Random Facts part 1:

1.I love Daisies they are my absolute favorite flower-these over Roses anyday!!
2.I graduated from David Lipscomb University in Nashville
3.I love teaching 3 year olds the BEST- they are so cuddly still - love their teacher no matter what!
4.I love taking pictures of everything- I almost always have a camera on me.
5.I HATE riding horses- they are pretty but they don't like me & I don't like them!
6.I love cats  but am deathly allergic so I can never pet them anymore  :0(
7.Coffee is a MUST everyday even in the summertime
8.I know how to sew my mom taught me in junior high & I won several 4-H awards for it- but I don't like to sew.
9. I love a good Reisling anyday of the week with my meal
10.I love the Oregon coast & wish I could have a beach house there someday if I win the lottery
11.I have four boys who are all 22 months apart from the one before them-no it wasn't planned that way.
12.Yellow my FAVORITE color in the world- it's cheerful makes me Happy no matter what!
13.I cry every time I hear The National Anthem even if it is sung poorly
14. I LOVE the Chicago Bears - I have since the days of Payton ,Dent, & William Perry.
15. Reading is my Passion, I read as much as I can.
16.I am an early bird in the morning & to bed early at night-so not a night owl
17.I love volunteering for just about anything
18. I love to bake with my kids - they can always talk me into making cookies,cakes, etc
19.I go to church every Sunday morning I can & drive 45mins to get there. I have not lived close to our church in over 10 years- but that's ok-it's worth the drive.
20.I love FRIENDS & watch the re-runs all the time- I laugh just as hard as if I was seeing them for the first time.
21.I will camp but I need a Camper with electricity- I am a CITY GIRL
22. Love to work out it is a great stress release for me
23.Carmel is my favorite flavor of coffee
24.Peanut M&M's is my favorite candy-YUM
25.Coats- I love them and have way to many in my closet(s)

Well that is the first 25 Random things about me. A few of my close friends will already know most- but I hope I surprised you with a couple of them. I will post another 25 later this week on a day I don't have anything exciting in my world to Blog about. So look for three more installments of 100 random Facts - Have a great Saturday everyone!


Lisa C said...

I knew most of those but a couple were surprises. Now I know what kind of flowers to get you and what kind of coffee I'd better have on hand when you come by!!

Please try not to shock me with anything in the next 25!! :0)

Hugs and Blessings,

Amanda said...

Lisa I have a couple that will "surprise" a few people I am sure. But I don't regret what they are at all,so stay tuned! I will drink any coffee you have when we do get to visit. Jeremy has been asking,so we need to coordinate soon :0)