Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ring...Ring..."Kenny's calling!"

I found out that my favorite country singer Kenny Chesney is coming to Seattle & Portland in July!!! To say I am  SUPER EXCITED is putting it mildly. By now my husband is most likely rolling his eyes-lol But the man knew when we got married my second love was Kenny!! I have seen him once in concert already with my husband & four of our good friends before Deployment #3. We all spent the weekend in Seattle together & had a blast! So when I found out we could possibly see him again this summer I was actually doing the HAPPY DANCE up & down my hallway singing " She thinks my tractor's Sexy....".
Yes that is me with my two good friends on the TRACTOR before Kenny's last concert in 2009 is Seattle!!
 Bekah & I looked at the two dates & have decided with her new work schedule that July 23rd in Portland we will once again be enjoying KENNY!!!! This time both of our husbands will be gone, but that just means we can jump up & down ,swoon, <<<sigh>>> with out them making constant fun of us!!
This was the whole gang last time around right before the concert started. All the guys where laughing & teasing Bekah & I- so we will not miss that this time around. We can be as fan crazed as two thirty something women want to be!! We will miss our Sam this time around but we are sure to have our phones & be sending her updates all night! My husband is only upset he will miss it because we heard there is the possibility that the Zac Brown Band will be performing with  Kenny. He loves them & so do I! So I will have to get a lot of good pictures for him that night.
I can't wait to go see Mr. Chesney again & I promise this won't be the last you hear or see of this on my BLOG. If you don't care for him I am sorry but I am a HUGE,EXCITED, FAN!!That is my rant for today just wanted to share the joy & put it out there incase any of my fellow Kenny Fans didn't know that you have two chances to see him in the PNW area this summer!!!!!
One final picture of my husband & I from that wonderful fun filled weekend- I will miss spending it with him this time around. But I will have Bekah & we will have a wonderful time once again.


mommyofasuperhero said...

woohoo!!! kenney chesney is veryy veryyy sexy :)

Christy said...

I love Kenny too! Nearly 14 years ago his song was the first song we danced to at our reception: Me and You.
I first saw him at a BAR in Manhattan, KS when I was in college! Back before anyone knew him, but I loved him back then and made sure that we got in line early and and was right there in front! :) He just makes me happy! Enjoy your concert!!!! Swoon a little for a woman in Germany who can't see him!

Amanda said...

Christy I LOVE ME & YOU we listen to every Anniversary which is 14 now- I can't wait to see him again- something to look forward to since the Deployment will just be getting started- a good distraction.