Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Between Friends

I have grown to love all books by Debbie Macomber. I found her about seven years ago when someone handed me Navy Wife to read & have been reading her ever since. That is a wonderful series if you like good short reads. Yesterday while at Walmart I grabbed Between Friends to read. I thought I would start it while my oldest got his braces put on & have something to read today while my youngest had soccer practice. The thing is I got so into the book during the orthodontist appointment I couldn't put it down! It was a great short read that at times had tears in the corners of my eyes.

It is written about two best friends Jillian Lawton & Lesley Adamski who live in Washington when they meet. I always love her books that the characters are located in the PNW- makes me happy to actually know what locations she is describing. They become good friends in gradeschool & the friendship continues through out the years until retirement times. It is written through journal entries ,letters to eachother, & emails eventually. I love that you learn a lot about each girl & her family with such detail.I found myself mentally cheering for Lesley at times when her stupid husband treated her badly. As well as praying that Jillian made it through some tough loses & medical issues. I totally recommend grabbing this & reading it if you have that best friend who knows everything about you or even if you don't- it'll make you wish you did. It was a happy feel good book at times & sad but well written at other times For a good short read go out & grab it today!

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