Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Well this week has been rather slow around our home. We have had the usual Soccer practice,dentist appointments, & FRG meetings- sounds like a lot but it's not for us. So I decided since I am Thankful for the break in the insane in my life I should think about other things that have made me happy this week. So here goes, why don't you try it as well. It always amazes me at what I have to be thankful for  in my life. I sometimes forget about due to my overloaded busy schedule.

1. I am Thankful that all the boys have been healthy for a couple weeks in a row! This is HUGE in our home! If one person get's the sniffles we all get sick!If Jeremy get's sick- GAME ON-so Thank you Jesus that he & all the boys are doing well.

2. Thankful that on Tuesday  night at the FRG meeting I was lucky enough to meet two wonderful Army wives who I think will help make this upcoming deployment a little more bearable!! I have been so nervous & anxious with a lot of my support system moving away that this latest deployment has seemed overwhelming to me.We didn't PCS like a lot of our friends but just changing Units after being in the same Battalion for so long, it almost feels like we have moved. New families, a new job for Paul, & a little lonely. So I am very Thankful that I met two lovely ladies who both understand the struggles of being a Military Wife & EFMP mom- that is HUGE!! 

3. I am thankful at said FRG meeting I only teared up a couple times & was able to get a much needed hug from one of the amazing wives ! I don't know anyone well enough for them not to think I must be a lunatic  if all the sudden I am crying in front of them- so I am Thankful there where no funny looks or questions asked, just a Hug.

4. I am Thankful that Jacob loves his Soccer time.Also for the parent who stayed late after practice to help him when he didn't understand a new move he needed to learn. This parent didn't have to help, but he saw that Jacob was upset so he asked, then stayed & helped- Thank You!

5. I am so very blessed & Thankful for my parents. When I called early in the week with questions they immediately answered them in an email. It was questions concerning my church family & faith. Things that required an outsider looking in & a long email. Thank you Jesus for giving me such good examples of how to be a Godly mom & wife.

6. SUNSHINE- YIPPIE!!! Yesterday the PNW was blessed with our first beautiful sunny day in months!! The temperature made it to 60 & we all played outside. This is so rare for March in Washington that I am so Thankful for the wonderful break from the rain!

7. I was very Thankful that when we asked the Orthodontist if Hunter really needed four teeth pulled he said NO. He said that he really only needed the one pulled by this summer & the others could wait for awhile maybe even for years. He just wanted us to know they would eventually all need to come out incase we wanted to do it all at once. Hunter was relieved & so was our checkbook!

8. I am Thankful that this Saturday Paul & I get to go spend a night in Seattle by ourselves before I drop him off at the airport at a silly crazy hour on Sunday morning.He starts Block Leave & we have no other time that it will be just "us" with out the children- so getting one night alone together is HUGE- it may be our last before the deployment.

9. I am Thankful that we are able to send Paul to Colorado to visit his family before he deploys. I know how blessed we are to have the means to buy him a plane ticket home.He hasn't been home in over two years so  I know how excited he & his whole family are to see him.

10. I am Thankful for my crazy friends who call me at 7AM knowing I am AWAKE & would love to talk with them about their exciting news!Congratulations to my friend & her husband on his hard earned promotion-way to GO!!

11.I am Thankful that today is Thursday & it is almost the weekend- YAY!!!

This is what I have for now I know that I have so much more to be Thankful about in my life. This is just a few that jump out at me as I sit here drinking my coffee. I hope that maybe in some small way my post has helped you to stop smell the roses in your life & remember how blessed we all are in some way everyday.

Edit:I just found this great Blog called Goodnight Moon .
She is having Week 5 of What's Your Song?  You can LINK your Blog with your favorite song of the week.  

 12. On Thankful Thursday - YAY- for finding some fun new & old music to listen to during the day. Here is my pick for Song of the week . It is one that I have been listening to everyday on the way to the GYM to keep me motivated to get back into shape for all the fun runs I have coming up this summer! Gotta love some Lenny Kravitz to work out too!!

He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.  ~Epictetus


Beth said...

Yay for Thankful Thursdays and GREAT music! Love the song. And I'm sure you will love Goonight Moon--it's a GREAT blog! :)

Goodnight moon said...

Okay, I seriously thought that was an informerical at the beginning of your youtube clip. I guess I've never seen this video before....but obviously have heard the song. Great song pick!!!!!!

Yah for meeting new wives, especially when having to deal with an upcoming deployment. Thanks so much for linking up and playing along with week! I'm your newest follower!

Amanda said...

To be honest I had never watched the video before I just LOVE the song!! I also had to wait to see if it was an infomercial-LOL. Glad to have you on board- love your Blog!