Wednesday, March 30, 2011

100 Random Facts (pt.2)

It's time again for 25 more Random facts you may or may not know about this girl! I hope you learn something new or laugh because you already know how "Random" I really am- have a great Wednesday everyone!

1.I watch Grey's Anatomy every Thursday it's on even if its a rerun with a glass of wine
2.I love Weimaraners so much- they are beautiful & I have 2
3.My favorite food is Chinese- YUM!!!
4.But my favorite Chain Restaurant is Olive Garden- I know weird~
5.My favorite season is FALL- I love all the beautiful colors especially around our lake
6.I love a man in Uniform- pretty sure my breath catches everytime my husband puts on his Dress Blues <<sigh>>
7.I worry non-stop all the time about silly random things- even though I try not to
8. My parents live in Gatlinburg TN
9. I have one brother who is 13 months older then me
10.I have strawberry blonde hair naturally- I color it darker red
11.I now have 3 tattoos I LOVE- got them over the past 7 years & they each have a very special meaning to me.
12.One of my son's has a Rare disease called Sturge-Weber & he is with me 24/7
13.I homeschool my special Angel
14.I was raised in TN & KY Southern Girl for sure.
15.I am ALWAYS on time or EARLY- hate to be late anywhere!
16.Pancakes from Cracker Barrel are My favorite breakfast!
17.I hiked up Mt. Rainer this summer with friends & it was AMAZING!
18.I love my pedicures & manicures
19.I have more girl friends then male
20.I am learning about Soccer since the youngest loves it so much.
21.Diet Pepsi girl- HATE Diet Coke & will drink water if there is no choice
22. I am only 5'4
23.I have freckles
24.I love all types of music & will listen to country,rap,classical,heavy metal all in one day.
25.I really want to go to Ireland & Australia one day for vacation- it's on my Bucket list

WOW- that is harder then you think! I sure hope I can come up with 50 more- but I am half-way done now. I hope you where surprised- I know a couple people will be by the tattoos. I love mine & I consider them art. Only 1 of them is placed where others can see it.It is for my Husband of 15 years.I thought long & hard about getting them & decided why not?? Aywhooo enjoy your day & see you back here again tomorrow for my Favorite Song pick of the week.

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Blogging at Tiffany's said...

Cracker Barrle's chicken and dumplings are aweeesome! Their hashbrown casserole is pretty amazing, too.