Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Green men

Happy St. Patrick's Day-to some this is a day to drink,search for gold coins, eat corned beef & cabbage. What does St. Patrick's Day mean to you?? For us we have never really celebrated with much more then wearing some green to avoid being pinched. I do have some Irish in me & Paul has German/Irish. So we can claim the Holiday as our own but just never really have. The kids are not huge on corned beef or cabbage so I think  I will make some sort of yummy cake for them for the day. I saw a few recipes floating around facebook to try. Below is a song that my husband likes seeing as he now has learned to brew his own beer. My kitchen turns into a beer making factory every couple of months. So I will share the fun song & wish you all a safe ,pinch free Happy St. Patricks Day!

The Beer Song 

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