Friday, March 4, 2011

Farewell my friend

This Blog goes back to an earlier one I wrote concerning a friend who was starting her PCS to Fort Polk,LA. She leaves in a couple of weeks & last night we had one final dinner with her at her favorite Mexican restaurant. Only about six of the ten ladies where able to make it due to previous engagements but we all enjoyed good food & good company. We discussed various topics, who was getting out, who else would be PCSing soon, & Paul's deployment which they all agreed was coming to soon. These are all ladies who husband's worked with Paul & deployed with him during the last trip less then a year ago.
We enjoyed our yummy drinks with the exception of one of the ladies who is pregnant, the little "welcome home gift" that a few ladies receive from their soldier- she looked too cute!There was a lot of discussions about those getting out  if they would be able to find jobs & would they leave the area. That was sad as we all realize soon all but me will be gone to some place new.My adventure will continue here in the Pacfic Northwest while my friends all slowly move away :0( 
Soon it was PRESENT TIME!!You might recall we had decided to do FUN gag gifts she could sort of use at her new Duty station.First up was the gift that even the bag was themed to match from the Princess & the Frog. It held the movie & the car size Bug Spray.Next was a pretty purple bag that had a fluffy soft boa in Mardi  Gras purple, green, & gold. Of course we had some funny comments for our friend about wearing that at home with some stilettos for the husband-LOL She also got cute matching eye wear & bracelets. This gift giver also put in a printed off sheet of good restaurants they had eaten at while in LA- very thoughtful.Next came my gift for her. I had taken the suggestions of doing all things Cajun. I made her a cute little babydoll top on-line & found a Funny Joke/recipe book with Cajun stories/ recipes to go with the humorous stories.The last gift was a combined gift from several of the ladies. It had HUGE plastic bugs, a picture frame with several photos that we had taken over the year . A book A-Z on Louisiana, all you need to know. More Mardi Gras beads, even some for her husband that looked as masculine as purple & gold beads can-lol

It was a fun relaxing dinner filled with memories & a little anxiety as we all realized we would soon be going our separate ways into the next chapters of our Military life.As we all left most said the usual "See you later" instead of Goodbye. I didn't even Hug her yet as I get to see her one more time next week & then I'll do the hugging-that part is sure to bring moist eyes on my part.I was glad one of the ladies came up with the idea of having one more dinner together. I know we can all look back later with a smile at the fun last evening we all spent together. That is truly what the Military experience is about at times, making dear friends, creating memories, & sending them on their way with heart felt wishes of good luck.
                              Bugs BEWARE she is ready for you!!

  Looking good for Mardi Gras

 The cute Cajun shirt I had made

 The last group photo of all of us at our "last dinner" 

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