Thursday, January 3, 2013

Popsicle Toes & Hands

With the passing of the New Year meant my "break time" from my super hard training & clean eating was over. Man how I enjoyed those two weeks of not feeling guilty if I popped a Christmas treat into my mouth or missed a workout. But oh how my body is paying for the time off now. Now don't get me wrong I worked out and still ate relatively healthy compared to most. But the increased intake of sugar & BAM my mind is saying today on the start of day two w/out it- "please find sugar, please find sugar. Chocolate I want chocolate!".
We all know what our weakness's are in our eating habits. Mine has been and always will be sugar! I have a very bad sweet tooth. So much so that I have to make sure not to keep ANY easy to grab treats in the house. I make sure to only buy candy if the boys are getting a treat the day of and a single serve portion so they eat it right away. No leftovers for me to sneak later. So to help keep me accountable as I struggle through the next two or three weeks of my body thinking it needs all that processed junk I will write it out here. If you see it & my running partners see it then it makes me feel guilty if I sneak a cheat. I mean I am only human & when a chocolate fix calls, sometimes I answer :0/.

Thankfully today I had a run set already with the girls. Because let me tell you we woke up to beautiful sunshine but 24 degrees outside, brrrrrr!! We met in town at the trail head and off we went. I had every intention of running 4 maybe 5 miles today. But at around 1.75 miles I turned around due to Popsicle feet & frozen hands. I had my gloves on but they didn't seem to help at all. I stumbled at one point because I couldn't feel my feet from the pads to the toes! I know if it had been a week or a few days before a big run I would have powered through the pain. But I let my mind jump into my head and end my run at 3.25 miles. I did enjoy chatting with Ashley while we ran back, so that alone tells you I wasn't working hard today, uggg We managed to do our 15 push-ups when we got back to the trailhead. I just finished my 25 burpees- yes we are doing them everyday this month to get back in the swing of things. I even had my lunch planned out so I was prepared food wise.

Half a piece of left over baked chicken, steamed green beans & roasted sweet potatoes - YUMMY!

But I am not even going to pretend that day two of eating clean and working out like I should has been easy . it's only 1PM in the afternoon and I am already wanting a snack, not going to happen but still- my body is just all out of whack!
Thankfully while I was in GNC yesterday they had a fabulous deal on this blender/juicer.

I had been needing a new blender for awhile but wanted a juicer as well. This little dandy thing was marked down 75% if you used your GNC Gold card which I just happen to have-YAY!
I already used it this morning to make my yummy chocolate, banana, PB2, protein shake. Now I have made a Safeway run and have stocked up on all kinds of fresh fruit & veggies. In an hour I will be trying out the juicer for my afternoon snack. Not only will I get a tasty drink that will fill me up, but it will have a ton of healthy nutrients my body needs. What I also love about this little gadget is all the extras it came with & it takes up like zero counter top space! If your looking for a small affordable blender/juicer then I recommend running out to your GNC before the sale ends.

Now that I ahve been all accountable for today , I promise I am done whining for now-haha I'll try to BLOG it all back in on Saturday. I'm suppose to run 6 miles for the first time in 3 weeks-YIKES! It's suppose to be cold & rainy :0(  Let's see if I can get my mind over all the yucky talk and let my legs do the job. I know they can, but sometimes my brain just won't shut up!

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