Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Puppy Dog Dreams & Aching Shoulders

This week has been a little bit of everything going on as we jumped back into our school routine. Getting all four boys moving on Monday was not to much fun. We had all really enjoyed the two weeks off for the holidays. But off they went & off I went to get my sweat on really good! Back into full on training with my first run looming in March. I jumped in with a really hard arm/shoulder workout then hit up the gym to do some elliptical time with pull-ups.

 We woke up to super cute pictures of Balto on Monday so I keep looking at them & dreaming. We are all so excited for him to arrive that it's hard not to stare at those pictures. Jeremy is finally smiling all the time again when we discuss puppy training. Something that had been missing up until Christmas Eve. We had a little cash left on a Petsmart card that had been used for Banyan so we decided to hit up the store for Balto. We grabbed him some treats & fun toys. We did choose the toys from the clearance bin since I figure the sharp puppy teeth my kill the toys quickly. Then we hit up a cute little puppy boutique called Bark Avenue to get his food. We don't want his tummy to get upset so for the first few days we will keep him on his food. Then I think slowly we will start transitioning to a grain free that is easier to find. Most likely I'll check with his puppy raiser to see what brand is available where she lives. His new handstamped name tag has been shipped to go on his new collar we picked out.It's all coming together nicely.

Isn't this the cutest face you ever seen?
Right now we hope to have him home in our arms anytime after January 23rd.

Now back to my tired sore body. After Monday came Tuesday and running around my neighborhood with my friend Teresa. You think what's so hard about that? Well we live in a neighborhood that has hills a lot of hills! My hamstring where screaming at the end of just four miles folks. Did I forget to mention the cold drizzly rain that was falling on the 40 degree morning. I know, I know, I live in WA so what do I expect? I did the run added my miles and called it a day after doing my push ups for my challenge. Then today came and we did a leg day. My shoulder pain actually required Aleve all day today but I knocked out a few pull ups anyway after our speed work. This was in addiction to the 180 squats, 180 walking lunges, 40 kettle bell swings, Abs, & Spiderman planks-YIKES! At the time it made me tired but now it makes me cringe!

I have been able to stay right on track with my clean eating as well this week. Twice now I have been caught in town after long hard workouts with out enough protein, EKKK Thank goodness for Safeway! I ran in both times grabbed a yoplait vanilla greek yogurt & a 6oz Silk chocolate milk. Then I trotted back out to my van and sat there eating with  my finger as the spoon at times. Yes folks, when my blood sugar crashes it crashes hard! I am not above using my fingers to scarf down the yogurt. After talking with my workout buddy she said she did the same thing leaving wal-mart. We decided if we are going to keep up these really hard long workouts we need to carry more food on us forsure. Hopefully I am not caught again with just almonds in my purse- because that just didn't cut it today.

Now that you know the fun & the crazy I hope you still come back for more. We should be getting more puppy pictures to share soon as well as a concrete arrival date. Have a blessed rest of your week & don't forget to get moving ! 

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