Saturday, January 5, 2013

Go This Way...Which Way?

This morning found me getting ready to head out to Dupont, WA to run in my blue. Today started the bringing back of the 6 mile route. I was all psyched up & ready to RUN!! My legs felt fresh after taking Friday off & I had three of the ladies joining me. Turned out we actually had our fourth show up when we arrived! I knew that last time I tried to run the 6 mile route I got lost. So I mentioned this before hand & the route marker for the day in laughter was like " there is no way Amanda you can possibly get lost today." -HA! I explained that really I had blonde roots under all the red hair. After the circle of remembrance Ashley & I took our time getting off. We where a good 5 to 7 minutes behind our group. Mr. Route Marker jokingly said " I'm behind you , I'll keep you on route.". I stupidly believed him-haha

Off Ashely and I go following the normal 3.2 mile markers until we see on the ground a chalk arrow pointing for the 6 milers to go straight. Yeah we went straight & we should have gone left...... I saw Mr. Root Marker yelling but with my ipod on I thought he was saying " Yay- your not lost!"-wishful thinking. As I get chugging along I think how I miss the hills, I know WHAT? But the normal route has a couple of good hills I have gotten use to running. As I circle & head back the way I came I was so glad I had Paul's Garmin on to keep my pace & miles. I get back to the start & keep running. Why you may ask? It was only 4 .12 miles I had gone-Say What?? I realized then that I should have done the regular route then added on the last little bit to get 6 miles done like all the normal running people who didn't get lost.

I ran my laps to make up the difference as best I could to complete 5.98 miles this day. I was laughing so hard at the fact that I managed to get lost that it didn't hurt at all. My girls where laughing because it turns out two of them got turned around as well and had to do the same exact thing! See we start together but we all keep our own  comfortable running pace. So we all eventually separate. It was a good fun run with a couple moments of DUH??? But I am glad to say I think my mind & body are back in the game! We are 8 weeks out from our first ever 15K & off to a good start. 

I also have been taking my nutrition & clean eating seriously. My juicer has been great! Today was 16 ounces of melons, kiwi, coconut water,& mint-YUM! I even made sure to stay on track last night for pizza night-GO ME! My body is in shock & I am having a few gut issues. But it's all good getting rid of all the yucky toxins for sure. So this is my accountability check-in for the end of my week. Here is a quick over view of my exercise.

Monday: 3.25 miles
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 45 minute interval workout &  10 extra pushups for a challenge I'm doing
Thursday : 3.25 Miles , 25 Burpees, & 15 push ups
Friday: rest
Saturday: 5.98 miles, 20 push ups, need to do the 35 burpees still, yuck!

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