Monday, January 21, 2013

Sleep & Puppy Brain

I woke up way to early this morning with Mr. Balto the puppy on my brain once again. More exact the trip to go pick him up. We are now four days away from me flying to Michigan to pick up the cutie. At church yesterday I got to tell about all the training & costs we are about to embark on again . I think it freaked me out! I know in the end the cost will be worth the independence Jeremy gains. But right now I'm a little over whelmed with thinking about the training & expense that is about to start all over for a second time.

Unless you've trained a service dog it's hard to explain the amount of hours that go into that pups everyday life. From the time I wake up and get him uo to go out to potty on a leash not just shoo him out the door, he is learning. It's fun but also a lot of pressure to get it right. This time around there will be no third chance should Balto not be able to pass his tests.This time Balto will just come home and live out his life with us , should this happen. I think the realization that we are about to invest all this time & money again has finally hit home.We are blessed with some help with the training costs , but a lot still comes out of our pocket.Anyway that alone has me up at 4:45AM thinking about it all this morning when there is no school & I should be able to sleep in a little. I keep looking at the latest picture we received last night & smiling. He is so cute we can hardly wait to get our hands on him for all the puppy kisses . We will get to have him for ten weeks before he goes to Nevada for his full time training. For that I am so excited!

Those wanting to help along the way still can do so at anytime. We have left open our Fundrazr Page that you can donate to at anytime. Or you can help my sanity by uttering our names in your daily prayers as well. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer.I know God knows exactly how this is going to all play out, so I just have to trust him. Remind myself daily that one more minute of worry will do no good.That worrying whether or not Balto cries on the plane trip will do no good. He will either sleep , lay quietly , or cry- how can worrying change any of this? It can't period. I am going to work on just enjoying these up coming weeks. The laughter on all the boys faces that only a new puppy can bring. Be on the look out for a lot of puppy updates after this weekend when I bring him home. There are sure to be quite a few adorable puppy pictures. Please say a prayer for our whole family that this new journey goes smoothly for all of those involved.


Jen said...

I'm a new follower from the hop!! :) I look forward to following your blog.

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