Monday, January 14, 2013

I Know He Can

Knowing that we are now so close to getting Balto just makes everyone in the house excited! From the minute I let go and let God take over what direction we should go towards in continuing the process of Jeremy's Service Dog, it's just been to easy. I know without a doubt all the prayers late at night with tear filled eyes after we lost Banyan were heard & answered. They were answered in God's perfect timing. He knew exactly when to have the Carswell family step into our lives. He knew exactly when I would be open to letting another wonderful puppy into my heart. I think Jeremy would have been ready the first time they asked to help us as soon as we lost Banyan. But God knew my heart wasn't ready just yet, that I needed to grieve the loss. Faith that it would all work out has always been my thinking from way back in October 2011 when we decided to enter this crazy Service Dog world.

We haven't been handed everything, we've had some wonderful people step up and donate a lot to make Jeremy's wish for a Service Dog come true. But we've also struggled to find the funds at times to pay for things. We've done fundrasiers, so, so, many of them that I am exhausted. We've done the good old fashioned asked your parents on both sides to help in some way. My mother in law makes amazing quilts we can auction & my parents are blessed to be able to help financially at times we most need the cash quickly. By no means has this been a one man show of me getting this dog for Jeremy. It's been a God thing from day one!

Our latest news is as of Sunday we have purchased one plane ticket to Detroit, MI for me to fly to pick up Balto. Although I am thrilled to get to go meet Jen his lovely breeder and her family, I'm not going to lie at the panic it caused thinking where does the money come from? Once again I prayed that God show me which path to take, fundraise on short notice or suck up my pride & ask for help. I did the later and my wonderful parents answered the call again. I can only hope when my children are grown with families of their own that Paul & I are blessed enough to be able to help out when they call. We also had 1 Boy 4 Change 
 step up and say they will help with our hotel accommodations. This is a huge relief off our shoulders as traveling to pick up Balto had not been in the original plans. We had prior commitments to our budget this month that include propane which is a necessity & a truck repair. Thankfully God provided again on the large ticket items when we asked.

I've learned over the years that faith is a funny thing , at least to  me. I always try my best to believe that what I "want" to happen will if I only trust in God's perfect timing. Now as I have gotten older ( 40 in like 4 weeks , ekkk!) I've learned to have faith that what I "need" God will provide in his perfect timing. It's not always what I "want" that happens. That I have to open my heart up to him , turn over the drivers controls and be patient. Sometimes this is easy & sometimes I feel very frantic. But I think this is how God teaches us his love and generosity are always there if we put our trust in him. Now I'll be leaving the end of January for a super fast trip to Michigan. I'm excited to get one whole day with all of Balto's family. His mom, dad, & grandpa. Jen will answer any question I ever had about German Shepherds and I'll love to fly home with a cute cuddly puppy for Jeremy.

It is my faith sometimes as small as a mustard seed I'm sure that has me so thrilled & thankfully to God that everything is falling into his perfect place for Jeremy.

After we get Balto home I'm sure I'll worry again about his training & the cost of our next big adventure in early April. Taking him to his puppy raiser & trainer in Nevada. But for now I'll enjoy this wonderful peace of mind that God has provided me as I sip my coffee this Monday morning.

Little guy is actually quite big! He weighed in this week at his 8 week Vet check at 15.3 pounds- YIKES! But oh he is so cute!

A new blue service cape was given to us as a gift for Balto. It worked out well in timing as I need one to bring him home on the plane from  Michigan. It most likely won't be worn the whole time he is being trained since his organization Michael's Angel Paws has a specific vest for the SDIT. But it's a very thoughtful & a great starter vest . This way he get's use to wearing something on him all the time.

Have a great Monday everyone & may you take a moment to look around at all of God's blessings in your life today. However big or small they may be.

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