Saturday, January 12, 2013

Chilly Runs

Maybe all I needed to have a great 7  mile run was 23 to 26 degree weather outside with sunshine?? Who knew when I woke up to a good layer of white frost & some snow that today's long run would be a PR for me? I got layered up and headed off to meet up with our local Wear Blue runners on the trail. We all were bouncing around trying to stay warm until it was time for the circle of remembrance. We read the names of the Fallen and chatted for a couple of quick seconds then took off!
Although it was a freezing 20 something degrees ( we all had different temps on our cars) the sun was shining & it was a beautiful day to run. I put my music on and took off about 2 or 3 minutes behind the main body. The first 1.8 miles where brutal especially to my hands. I had on my fingerless gloves because I knew around mile 4 I'd be to hot for anything more. That meant my hands were numb & frozen early on in the run. I hit the 2 mile mark and BOOM!! My legs kicked in my lungs felt great & my hands defrosted. That was all I needed, I took off! For once I was in the front of the group running feeling good. It almost all came to a dead halt when my silly ipod quit on me at 4.02 miles, uggg! I thought I had it charged up but I guess not. Thankfully I just kept singing the Colbie Calliat song Brighter than the Sun that it had died during. The sun was  making it a great run so why not sing about it-lol

I hit Mile 6 and was thinking to myself I still feel good- fresh legs-YAY! Then around 6.58 my hips started having a slow ache but not to bad. At that point I just start telling myself how fast I'm going & how I can finish no problem. Then I DID! 7 miles in 1:04:21- YAY ME! I know it was a flat run today with no challenging hills . But sometimes a girl just needs a good easy fast run to keep her spirits up. I was also smiling because we had three new smiling faces show up to run in blue. It didn't matter that it was cold they came out & made the effort. It was a great day to run! I hope you all got outside today.

Finally a good run that I could smile about.

New faces in blue today.

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