Friday, December 28, 2012

Wrapping It Up 2012

This year started off with a slight notion that I wanted to run a few more obstacle runs then the year before. That I wanted to do a few fun hikes outside with the boys. I wanted to wrap my arms around my soldier husband sooner rather then later as he returned from his fourth deployment. I wanted to take a vacation alone with my husband for the first time ever. I met all these goals not resolutions head on & surpassed them all. Here are a few of the highlights of my 2012 all wrapped up in pictures so that I can mostly look back and enjoy. But I want to share with all my Bloggy friends in case you missed them ;0)

Crazy Spartan style work outs begin with my running partner in crime Ashley.

I ran the Seattle Color run with Jacob- his first 5K - It was so FUN!

We ran with a lot of friends & had so much fun together. I was so excited that all my running rubbed off on one of my boys.

Then June arrived and Team Wonderwoman emerged to take on The PNW Spartan.

Our super FUN video I made , I still watch it-lol

I also took on training Banyan my son's Service Dog in Training 

 Banyan went just about everywhere I went or Jeremy went. We still miss him today.

My BIGGEST & BEST moment in 2012 was when my soldier stepped off the plane from Afghanistan. June really was an exceptional month in my life.

Then we focused on my other very important goal, a "Parent vacation" No Kids Allowed!

Hawaii in July for 7 wonderful sun filled days with my love. The first trip alone in 16 years!

Sounders Game- who knew we would love it so much we would go a few times over the season.

I also snuck in a few more runs after the Spartan. The Down & Dirty , The Run for your Lives, The Warrior Dash.

First EVER Mud Run with  My husband- I think it will be his last-haha He was not impressed, but did it for me.

Another amazing moment this year was when I decided to start running in Blue for our Fallen.
It has been so great running in honor of our Fallen Soldiers. I love wearing my blue at my runs now. I decided to start running regular races. I did my first ever 10K & 12K

I have never been a fan of just plain old running but now I'm hooked.

Wear blue: Christmas in the Park : Yelm 

We also lost Banyan in November and had to start over from square one with a Service Dog for Jeremy. In comes 1 Boy 4 Change who offer to help us get a new puppy for Jeremy. On Christmas Eve we recieved this adorable picture of Balto our new pup in training.

This one with the toy is his first Christmas present,awwww

We ended our year with such a blessing, that we can only hope to pay it forward some how.

There are many other snapshots of my year with friends & family. Hiking Mt. Rainer with Jacob stands out as wonderful day with my youngest son.

Hiking to Murhut Falls with the whole family & digging for sea life at the beach after.

I know I am leaving out so many fun things. Like Spring break in Oregon with my boys. BUNCO night with the ladies choosing a TWILIGHT theme. So many good memories so I feel so blessed. I know that the good truly out weigh the struggles. I am looking forward to 2013 to try new things again. More long runs a half marathon to be exact in June. More hiking with my family around WA & OR. Meeting our newest family member in a few weeks. Traveling to Las Vegas for the first time to drop the pup off and to visit him with Jeremy. I am just looking forward to every new day God allows us to breath on this amazing planet. I am blessed with so many wonderful things in my life & I plan on enjoying them all. I hope you aren't to bored and plan to stay along for the ride.
I mean with four boys, 2 dogs, an Army husband, a whole lot of crazy friends there are bound to be some good blogs ahead!

May you all have a fun safe New Years Eve. A very blessed & healthy New Year in 2013. See you next year Bloggy Friends 

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