Saturday, September 15, 2012

Running & Climbing

This weekend was another glorious sunshine filled Pacific Northwest day. Paul & I spent the morning running in blue in town with a few friends & Banyan. We managed to go 4 miles at a 10 minute mile pace. Not super fast but Paul was trying to find a good pace for me to settle into with out feeling like I am dying. I hope to run my first half this coming summer 2013 & so now the training has begun. I am not a gifted runner so this is a personal item to check off the old bucket list. Turn forty run a half-marathon. I have enlisted my running buddies of course so it should be fun. I've picked the Seattle Rock n Roll marathon so we can run with the blue crew & have a blast!

 Banyan recovering with dad after the run. He did good but was pretty tired when we finished. 

After our run we came home to grab Jacob our youngest to head to the Ashford Mountain Festival. There where several guests speakers who all had summited Everest & Rainer multiple times. Paul was in heaven! They also had some cool climbing walls we knew Jacob would enjoy

The Glacier wall was Jacob's favorite & a little more challenging for him. He has climbed before but never ice climbing. He did really well & the guy helping thinks he should take classes. We both know he would love climbing more so we really need to look into this option. Gas is just so expensive & the closest climbing gym is in Tacoma about an hour away. We shall see maybe we can make it happen some once the weather gets gross.

Now we are just relaxing watching The Lord of the Rings, a guys pick for sure. It's a nice way to end a relaxing Saturday.

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sounds like a great time was had by all.