Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fish & Mud Equals Fun

I have to say the past weekend has to have been one of the best we've had in awhile as far as everyone in the family loving their activities. The husband woke up early Saturday morning & took off to fish with his buddies since the salmon are in the river. I hit up the wear blue run with a friend for a quick 3 miles. While the boys enjoyed the cartoons & video games. Then Paul & I headed to Portland, Oregon for the Warrior Dash. This was Paul's first ever OCR with me & I was excited!

I loved that we got to sneak away to spend a night together which is rare. We stopped along the way to do some shopping and had a good drive. After we got checked in we headed to dinner to meet up with our friends who where running with us on Sunday. We enjoyed a fun dinner before heading to bed to get ready to run. Of course I popped right up early Sunday morning, grabbed some coffee while I let Paul sleep for another hour. Then we where all off to wear our blue at the Warrior Dash.

Here we are all shiny clean, that didn't last to long.

This course had a lot of hills & switchbacks that really killed the legs towards the end. I was really feeling the short 3.12 miles by the time we crossed the finish. A lot of it had to do with the fact at the first obstacle I nailed my left leg on the floating barrels. I have a nice size bruise now. The freezing cold water made the muscle knot up & it just didn't stop until after I got myself warmed up over an hour later. 

 Before the pain....

Paul went over the barrel face first got a little wet & muddy...

Off from there we hit up a nice tall wall, cargo nets, barbed wire low crawl mud pits, & fire jumping. It was fun & we made sure to wait at the end for our teammates so we could cross the finish together. We completed the course in 50 minutes flat! Paul was so great making us laugh along the way & helping out several different people when they had some issue at obstacles. Josh pushed the pace a little faster then Ashley & I ever went- but we did our best. It was a fun race!

The big finish!

 He still loved me at the end! He said he would do one a year with me- so happy!

 Another OCR in the books for this group & sadly the last one I am registered for at this time. 

You might ask what the boys got out of our little get away that was their favorite thing?

Well of course we stopped off at Voodoo Donuts to grab them some bacon maple bars.

If your wondering about all our blue go to wear blue: run to remember
we wanted to remember all our Fallen Heroes . We run for them because they can't anymore. 
I loved my weekend with my husband & friends but now I'm ready for bed.

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