Monday, September 3, 2012

20 Days Left

We are down to just 20 days until September 23rd & our walk for the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation.  Jeremy is so excited that we are currently sitting at $459 of his $800 dollar goal. I am hoping & praying we can reach that $800 goal for him as well as the foundation. The Hutchison's never asked us to walk or help anymore then anyone else. But since they are so generously paying off the last financial obligation of Banyan's training in Colorado we are more then happy to give back anyway we can. Banyan & Jeremy both love to walk so this is a great way to reach out  to our community to spread the word about Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy. Chelsea Hutchison lost her life to a seizure and her wonderful family has made it their mission to help spread the word so no other family has to go through a terrible loss. Thanks to their kindness many families now have Seizure Dogs in training like Banyan as well as EMFIT monitors that detect seizures in sleep. Both of these things help us parents sleep better at night knowing should our child seize we will be alerted.  Please take a moment & think about how helpless you would feel if you could not afford either of these things to help safe guard your child. Thanks to the Chelsea Hutchison  foundation I can sleep a little sounder and so can so many other parents. Now if you are able all we are asking is for a small donation of $5 to help us move in the direction of Jeremy's goal. Paypal is avaliable at the LINK below or you can mail in your donation to the Foundation itself in Jeremy's name. Thank You to all those who have already given so generously. We are Fur-Ever grateful for you giving hearts.

We may get to actually walk now in Colorado if Banyan's new trainer is able to take him on September 23rd- so exciting!!

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